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1st Day ON


pinning wasn't bad as i thought it would be... i did move the needle around a little much and my bit of soreness is teaching me a lesson. now that the nerves are over i can really get after my new gains...

also is it normal to have a larger appetite? i go to eat my regular meals thinking shit time to eat again, but im able to just throw down the food and not feel as full. maybe coincidence*(spelling)

also a guy i'm certain is experienced mentioned not using adex or any AI or SERM until gyno, other side effects and/or PCT... he said to let the water weight happen and i'll end up being stronger and gain more muscle in the end. any truth to this?

i dont mind a little water weight but cant have a swollen face. will 600mg of T.E. bring on significant water? if i wait till the water hits me is it too late to change my mind or can i just go ahead and jump on .25mg adex EOD and take the water back off?




You're not feeling any effects the first day with test enanthate except placebo. Check back around the third week or so.

Test does boost appetite to some degree. For me it's not an extreme amount, but I can put more food down with more test.

As for using the AI, that's a personal decision. The trend these days seems to be that most guys use one throughout their cycle. Some do endorse that theory that excess estrogen somehow boosts gains. I'm not really sure, I have not read any science to confirm or disprove it...I just don't like getting bloated and moody so I use an AI. I like knowing that the weight I gain (though definitely more modest without the water) is mostly lean mass.

If you're going to go that route, (not using a SERM or AI until symptoms present) you need a good SERM on hand in case you start experiencing gyno. First sign of itchiness/puffiness/soreness, you jump on it. An AI will not work fast enough. It will take care of the estrogenic effects such as water retention, but it takes some time. Gyno is generally permanent once it forms, that's why you have to nip it fast. Read the sticky if you don't understand the difference between SERM's and AI's.


i did frontload and ended up with night sweats last night... also using dbol. injection site is just pretty sore and just a little bruised. i have adex and nolva on hand.

so surely if im seeing side effects frontloading works.


OK, didn't know you were taking DBol as well. You're feeling the DBol, which has a half-life of a few hours. The half-life of test enth is 6-8 days and, for various physiological reasons, you don't really begin to feel and see the effects until the 3rd week or so. That's why it's so common to stack an oral at the beginning; it jump-starts your cycle while the Test builds up. Wait until the Test kicks, you're in for a treat :slight_smile:

It's going to be fairly sore any time you hit a new site. Of course, every site is a new site for you. Two or 3 injections later and you'll hardly notice it, unless your gear itself causes soreness (E shouldn't, unless it's dosed really high.)

As for your question about water weight, DBol and Test at any useful dose will cause some water in most users. If you want to minimize that, get on an AI right away.


My first experience with Test E was a fucking huge appetite. And their was a week where it was nearly impossible to sleep, around week 5. I dont know why.


did legs yesterday and they blew up like balloons and my lower back pumped up and got extremely tight too. never had that kind of pump before.

sleep last night still wasn't great woke up a few times and had about 3 or 4 kick ass dreams. i felt great yesterday after taking the Dbol, very good mood. other than my leg still being a little swollen is been pretty good so far.


1st injection site,right quad, is now pretty much normal. i did my second pin yesterday morning same thing is happening... i guess its just the virgin muscle being stretched, sure makes it a pain to walk around especially with the Dbol constantly trying to give me a pump from walking... put on about 7lbs so far and have a new stretch mark on chest.


I'm sure its a case of virgin muscle. FYI dorsal glute is much better than your quad pain wise.


i guess im going to have to break up my 50mg caps of Dbol... started loss of apetite (spelling is horrible) about wednesday... i'll try to break it up in 10mg and take through out the day. i'll prolly start at 30mg as soon as i have a scale in hand.


are you sure its the dbol? I was doing over 100mg a day and Hungry as a horse


i think it is... i went to 25mg and it seemed to help today maybe placebo but i'll stay at 25mg until my eating is easy again.... it cant be too bad... i'm up about 10-15lbs in a week.

which brings me to another question, how long should i stay at current adex usage before i decide to up it because of the amounts of water i'm keeping? currently .25mg EOD.