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1st day on Meltdown workout/T-dog 2.0 diet

Well as per the advice of other T-bros, I’m going to lose body fat before I decide to bulk up. Today I started the Meltdown Training 1.0 and T Dog 2.0 Diet. I did a log and here is what I came up with, wow, it is surprising:

1422 Calories
136G protein
86 Carbs

Protein! Ack. Granted that number is low, I had 2 chicken breasts, but no way to figure out their nutrition info, package was long gone (leftovers), but still, that’s grossly under what I should be having based on my weight (200x1.5 = 300g per day). Carbs were even a little low, the 2.0 diet allows 100 on training days. I gotta fix this majorly, and man those calories look low. They okay?

Second thing, about the Meltdown Training. It has me doing 10 chin ups, supinated, Squat, Pushups, Deadlifts, Hanging leg raises and Decline reverse crunch. I could only do 3 pull ups my first set. 2 were okay, 3rd was crappy. Only got worse thereafter. I did 10 pushups first set, down to about 5 last set. I didn’t do the leg workout portion, as my OLD workout had me legs Friday, I was still very sore. Hanging leg raises I had to take out for roman chair leg raises, hanging were too hard. Is this okay? Will I still get the benefits if I’m crying like a baby after 3 pullups?

Thanks guys, again,

T-bro in training

Put a chair under the bar and do assisted chins w/ slow negatives to get up to the 10 reps. However you do it, just get those damn 10 reps.

That’s what I did when I did meltdown 1, and after a couple workouts I had no problem hitting the requisite number of reps. You’ve got quite a ways to go, but you’ll get there eventually.

In MD Training, you can always substitute exercises. I’ve never done it, but I’ve seen where people will put the squats in day 2 instead of day 1, and take a day 2 exercise and put it in day 1. If you can’t do pullups, try pulldowns with as much weight as possible for 10 solid reps, no blatent (sp?) cheating.

Infin|ty, the fact that you’re keeping a food log is a GOOD thing. It helps you to spot deficiencies and excess. But I have a question for you. What’s your BW and LBM? The answer to those questions determine how much protein and calories you need to be taking in, not to mention the amount of fat you should be eating. I didn’t see that you took in any fat. I know you took in some fat in the meat you ate, but you have no idea how much.

Invest in a few tools, a digital scale that weighs in tenths of an ounce and grams both for weighing and measuring what you’re eating, about $30 at Staples or Office Depot, and a nutritional desk reference that tells you how many carb grams, fat grams, protein grams, fiber grams and calories you’re taking in.

You can’t really take control of your diet if you haven’t prepared, run your numbers and purchased your tools.

Are you reading the articles on nutrtion here on T-Mag? Nothing wrong with being a T-Man in training, but you’ve got to do YOUR part, too.

Some suggestions:

  1. You need to get yourself a scale and a calorie-counter book. Then you can figure out what you’re eating, even if you’ve thrown the package away. 4oz of chicken, for example, has about 35g P and 5g F in it.

  2. It sounds like you’re not ready to do a program like Meltdown yet. To answer your question, no, if you can only do three pull-ups it will not help you. Meltdown I works off lactic acid, and at three reps you’re not generating enough to make any difference.

  3. What do you mean you skipped the leg portion?!?!?!? You can do exercises (especially light ones a la Meltdown) even if you’re sore. If you’re thinking that you have to wait until you’re not sore to exercise again, you don’t. Just be sure to stretch out/warm up really well beforehand.

  4. I suggest that you stick with the T-dawg diet but go on EDT instead of Meltdown. This will allow for more in the way of self-regulation, which it looks like you need at this point. Once you’ve built up some decent strength and endurance, you can give Meltdown a try. But - and this is not a flame - at this point you’re a long way off from being able to use the program effectively.

Good luck.

Okay guys:

My BW is 200lbs. How do I find my lean body mass? Also what is EDT? Something something Training? Where can I find the nutritional book? Any bookstore should have it?

Oh, I also had 27.5G of fat. I recorded it, I just didn’t post it.

infin|ty, EDT is Escalating Density Training. Use the search engine to read up on the program, but change the T-Forums default to T-Mag (to search the articles).

Stop by a gym and get a personal trainer to test your BF with calipers. Make sure he’s been there a while and will be able to take your BF every month. Pay him a few bucks, and you’re off and running. While you’re at it, read Jason Norcross’s article, “Body Composition for Beginners.”

My BW is 200lbs. How do I find my lean body mass?

Go to Netrition and get a pair of their skin-fold calipers. Read the instructions for taking a three-site reading and figuring your bodyfat percentage. Once you know this percentage, multiply your bodyweight by it to find your fat mass. Subtracting your fat mass from your total bodyweight will yield LBM.

Also what is EDT? Something something Training?

Escalating Density Training. You can find a couple of articles on it in the T-mag archives.

Where can I find the nutritional book? Any bookstore should have it?

Yes. Or you can order it from Amazon.com.

get your bf% tested for lean bodymass. And do a search on this website for EDT. Its a Charles Stanley program.

Whoops I meant Charles Staley.

infin|ty :

LMB is total body weight X body fat %,then take that number and subtract it from total BW ex: 150 X 10%= 15lbs fat mass so LBM= 135…

<------------perfrom a search on EDT this engine will tell you what you need to know…hope this helps…good luck!

LBM by calipers, Escalating Density, nutrition info on the government site JB recommends

Wow you are hardly eating by the looks of it.

Unless you are really fat I cant see 1400 calories being nearly enough.

Like others said, get BF tested, also figure out a way to log how much and what values your foods have.

You’re right, that doesn’t seem like enough. I just ordered a nutrition guide off of Amazon, has all foods and fast food too (not that I eat any). I can probably have one of the instructors at my gym do my bodyfat for me. They’ve done it before. 2nd day on T-dawg diet, didn’t eat much at all today. 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, 1tbsp of butter, 2 frozen chicken/brocolli things, that’s pretty much it, and a few bottles of water. I’m going to have to get more protein. I think I’m gonna go buy tons of chicken and lean beef tomarrow. Seems the only way to get calories and protein w/o going over on carbs is meat.

I’m going to give EDT a shot. I have a couple questions about the exercises though. 1.) Are low cable curls just a regular cable curl where you stand up facing the cable machine and do a curl? 2.) What are Hammer Incline Presses and Preacher Hammer Curls, Google brought up info but not enough to get a good picture of what they look like.

T-bro in training


  1. Yes.

  2. Hammer Incline presses are incline bench presses done on the appropriate Hammer Strength machine (I believe). Preacher hammer curls are hammer curls (palms facing each other) done on a preacher curl bench.

Infinity, don’t just do the EDT arms program (which is what it sounds like you’re talking about). Do a search for the original EDT program here on T-mag (not google or yahoo or anything else), read the article, and put something together yourself. It doesn’t have to be just the exercises Staley recommends - any exercises will do.

No I’m going to do the whole EDT, as per the article found on this site. I just didn’t have any questions about lower body exercises. Hammer machine eh…not sure if my gym has those.