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ok basically im 5"6ish and wiegh about 65kg. I go gym whenever i feel like it with no purpose or goals or anything. But i thinks it time i stopped. I want to lose about 8-10 kg of fat. Is it possible to do so while still doing wieghtlifting. I am now really serious so any advice on whether the 2 could be done together and what diets would be like.

thank you :slight_smile:


welcome to the forums.

if you are as serious as you say, you can start by using the search function, reading the stickies and doing some research. this question has been asked and answered ad infinitum.


I am currently reading Christian Thibaudeau's article for beginners


don't just read the articles. read the posts in the stickies about members who have achieved real results.

I'll throw you a bone and say that it is possible to lose fat while lifting weights. a good fat loss program should have weightlifting and diet at its core.

(waiting for Chris to chime in with more detailed answers and of course, "What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?")

<3 you Chris (no homo)


you weigh 143 pounds, why the hell do you want to lose weight?



i'm 5"7 and 61.5kg. i've got a lot of work to do to add muscle to my legs, in particular. i'm a GIRL.

if you have a lot of bodyfat at that height and weight then you really must have next to no muscle mass. if you try and lose weight by restricting your calorie intake your body is quite likely to protest and go into starvation mode. best case you do start to lose fat and end up looking like skeletor. is that really what you want??

if you regularly eat enough protein to fuel muscle growth and you train your muscles hard then your muscles will start to grow. since you haven't trained hard before (and probably never ate enough protein either) you will find beginners gains of body recomposition.


Is it possible to loss fat while weightlifting?

In all seriousness, read articles before you post questions like this.


Because Justin Bieber only weighs 120.


I have and i've realised what i wanted to know was wether to cut fat first or bulk up. ive decided to bulk up as it i easier as a beginner i hear n a bit of wieght is lost


a bit of fat is lost, yes. you should expect that if you're going from near zero to balls out.

don't be afraid to eat. food fuels your training sessions and makes you grow. if you don't eat, you could kill yourself in the gym five days a week but get nowhere. I used to train four body parts in monster 4-5 hour long sessions that would include supersets, drop sets, forced reps, etc then HIIT or SSC. I ate like a bird, got a bit leaner but also soft as a girl and so weak that I couldn't go on a 15-20 minute hike with my gf without taking caffeine pills.

six months or so ago I finally got as serious with eating as I did training. as a result, I've finally achieved real gains.

if you gain at least 1-2 lb a month and put 10 lb on the bar for each lift every month, that's a good start, but don't freak if you all of a sudden gain 10 lb as long as your lifts are also going up. pay closer attention to how your clothes fit and how you look in the mirror. when in doubt, take pics and ask experienced posters for their opinions.


I am glad to hear you got yourself an online account started three threads and then realized what you wanted to know.

I noticed in another thread you started, "I have spent all day reading articles". In the future to avoid getting flamed on here think your questions through before you ask them. Being known as the guy who starts thread after thread with no thought involved is not good.


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Since the colder months are coming and there will be no need for beach body anytime soon, put off the fat loss til next summer. 17's a good age to start bulking up too. If you get serious now, you could be pretty big by the time you're in your 20's.

Think long term, don't expect any instant miracles


Mate it sounds as if you have basically never trained with any seriousness, I think you should just focus on the basics:

CLEAN YOUR DIET UP: this does not mean eating less, most times it means eating more, but of wholesome healthy foods. What foods you may ask? You can research that, I call it eating like an adult, you know most of the time if food is good or bad......just be sure to consume more protein than you have been.

START A GOOD PROGRAM: No, I'm not going to tell you which one, do your research, KingBeef is a name to look for when finding a bloody good program on T-Nation. THAN STICK TO IT FOR 3 MONTHS! (at least)

BE CONSISTANT: Don't miss a workout, stick to the program you chose, don't change it every couple of weeks because of the latest and greatest bull shit coming out of a magazine.

Your body composition will naturally change with this simple basic information, once you have a few months under your belt of consistant training than you will be able to decide what you want to do, either try cutting up a bit, or keep going and building some decent mass. Either way, you will have a better understanding of yourself and will be more able to decide what to do next. Remember, ask questions if you get stuck with your training and most times you will get helped out, just don't expect everyone to be your personal guides in your training journey. If you want critique of an exercise movement, post a vid, anything else is next to usless for us to give any advice on.
More than anything, welcome to the iron game mate, I hope you stick to it and get what you want from it.
Good luck with it mate.


thats exactly what ive been doing man cleaned up my diet more proteins. started my own workout plan bench press has gone up around 20lbs in 2 weeks .. gonna carry on for a few more months or so and go on from there :slightly_smiling:


Very good, you will notice a change in your bodies composition over the next few months. A great way to keep track is to take a few photos of your self every 2nd week. Make sure you focus on the big compound lifts, but don't neglect the other movements as well. Hope you achieve the results your after.

And to answer your question in OP, yes weightlifting is completely the way to go for fat loss, but add some mass before you try to loose fat.
Remember, you want fat loss, not weight loss, so focus on changing your bodies composition ok.
Good luck mate.