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1st day of westside

Mon. 4/12

max effort squat/dl
2x10 bar 1x3 210
2x5 95 1x1 220
1x3 135 1x1 235
1x3 155 1x1 245
1x3 175 1x1 255 PR
1x3 185

glute-ham raise 5x failure (b.w.)
Rev. Hyper on swiss ball 4x12 w/ 5 sec hold at top
Barbell shrugs 3x 15 (225)
Weighted crunches 3x15

felt pretty good, hamstrings are killing today

does the goodmorning sound right? or maybe i did it wrong.

the work out looks great…but give us a little more info into who you are…weight, max’s, do you plan to compete ect…bm

my weight is 210-215

my max bench is 300
max squat is 335, i have had 2 knee operations and been backing off a little because of knee pain, i have stretching alot and it is feeling better
max dl 435 without straps (former baseball player good grip)

my goal is to get as strong as possible and rep out w/ 315 by the end of summer

my bodyfat is 13% (i have not got it tested in a while)

westside log
wed. 4/14
max effort bench
2 board press

lying tri ext 5x6 or rack lockouts 5x6
BB row 4x8
pus hpress 4x8
maybe extra tri work or delt

i was also thinking about doing a superset of rev hyper, abs, lats, and delts before the workout ( BM advices)

does this sound like a plan?

looks good if you do the gpp warm up your exersices look great just remember to keep the reps medium to high and the intensity low…bm

I think the supersets would be a good idea! I do circuits with assistance work and love it!

I’m not sure how your volume usually is or where your experience level is at, but you seem to be a little high on volume on your ME Bench day. The tricep work and back work is fine to start, but then if you were to add push presses at 4x8 plus extra delt/tri work you are high on volume. One or the other would usually be preferred with the push presses and delt/tri work.

Wed 4/14
gpp warm-up( superset)
a1. lat pull 2x20
a2. curl 2x20
a3. side raises 2x20
b1 rev. hyper 2x12
b2. weighted ab crunches on swiss ball 2x20
max effort bench
2 board press
45x10 250x3
95x10 275x3
135x5 300x1
185x5 310x1
225x3 315x1 pr

320-got it off the board, got stuck about an inch from ythe board, a little help, got it the rest of the way

felt pretty good, but i think i had too much volume!

BB ext 85x6, 105x6x3, 110x6
delt mach. 100x15, 130x15x2
BB rows 135x8, 155x8x2, 160x8

did i use too much volume and are my warm-ups good?

How do you go doing Rev. Hypers on the swiss ball? I never thought about doing them that way.

personally…i think that looks perfect…great job…bm