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1st Day of Low Carbs


Well yesterday was the first day of my life iv gone low carbs (50gs only) at breakfast. I was fine throughout the whole day but getting out of bed this morning, my heartrate jumped down the stairs, i felt really weak and started sweating. And afew minutes after it took in my morning carbs i was fine again.

My question is, is this normal at all? and does it get easier


Yeah, the first day of the V-diet I felt... different.

Days two and three were better, then was fine after that. I've also been eating fairly low carb since, and I'm OK. I actually think I feel better eating low carb.


Yes, it gets much easier. Give it a few days. The first few days always stink.


you went hypoglycemic. eat more fat and it won't happen again and you'll feel a ton better. post your diet and the times you eat it.


Did you substitute the missing carb calories with other calories from fats and protein?


^^^ Yeah, keep in mind low carb does NOT also mean low kcal: make sure you're upping your protein, fats intake accordingly.

And good job so far. It'll get easier and soon enough you might actually prefer eating this way.


also, if you do strict low carbs for over a week a lot of people experience a crash around day 7-10 for a day or two. When I tried the anabolic diet a few months ago i just felt like total crap for about 3 days, where I had literally no energy to do anything. It passes though, so just tough it out


That's nothing. If you've never done low carb before, expect mood swings the first week, random energy crashes (feel like taking a nap instantly at 3pm), mental "fogginess" for lack of a better term, and headaches.

After week 1 these things tend to disappear.


I go through the "keto" diet quite regularly myself dude.....its different for all people.... trust me, it gets better. Like the others said, you have to up your protein and good fats and oils to give you the energy and balance that your body is missing from carbs.

I actually go alot lower myself, at only 30 grams of carbs for the WHOLE day....for weeks at a time before I have a big "carb day". There are ALOT of great articles that CT has offered on the subject, and alot of good "tricks" to try out, (like the whole apple cidar vinegar/Cinnamon supplement at mealtimes, testing your metabolism with daily morning body temp test, to see when you need to carb up during ketosis, etc...).

I've tried them all and came up with my own system for it...it took me a few weeks of trial and error, but I'm now sitting good with it.

CT has also mentioned it can take 10-14 days to become fully "fat adapted" when going low on carbs to cut BF%. It can be esp crazy the first time ya try it.... but stick with it and see what it does to ya.