1st Cycle

Hi everyone, i lift weights for many years now, but never been dedicated completely to it, but now i decided to take things more seriously and i decided to make a cycle on steroids , the cycle was an advice by a budy bodybuilder and it goes like this ,assuming that my training days are Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday

  • 1st week : Monday Deca-1ml(thats 250mg) ; thursday Testoviron-1ml.

-2nd week: thursday Sustenon-1ml.

-3rd week: Monday Deca-1ml; Tuesday Testoviron-1ml; thursday Sustenon-1ml.

-4th week: Monday Deca-1ml; Tuesday Sustenon-1ml ; thursday Testoviron-1ml; Friday Sustenon-1ml.

-5th week: Monday Deca-1ml; Tuesday Testoviron-1ml; Thursday Sustenon-1ml; Friday Testoviron-1ml.

-6th week: Tuesday Sustenon-1ml; Thursday Testoviron-1ml

-7th week: Monday Deca-1ml; Tuesday Testoviron-1ml; Thursday Sustenon 1ml.

-8th week : Pregnyl 5000 to normalize functions i guess

Now to prevent my liever i?ve heard of “Legalon”, i?ve been told that it has to be taked after the cycle !!! is this true? logicaly it is to be taken during the cycle or not?

During the cycle i also take 1 “proviron” a day and half a “Dufine” 3 times a day (here in europe is similar to novaldex i think) to prevent “bitch tits”

PS:Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.

Can anyone give me an opinion about this cycle for a begginer? Thanks.

have you bought your stuff yet? what are your goals?
if it was me, i’d do 2mg deca 300 a week with 1 mg sustanon 250 a week with dbol (mg according to weight) for a fast weight/strength gain.
or i would replace the deca with equipoise and delete the dbol or replace it with winny, tren, test pro, test suspension, etc.
my first “real” cycle was deca, dbol, sustanon and i gained close to 30lbs in 3-4 months. i kept 22lbs of the 30.
you should have goals and not just take the stuff. i don’t think your cycle is a good one or even way to take them. you should do a little more research and weigh them against your goals to see what ones are going to benefit you the most and help you acheive your goals…
see, mow i try to get strongr without puttingon extra weight. my goals have changed since that first cycle. i hope this helps, i feel like i’m just rambling now…

“blaze one for the nation”"

terrible. You seem to have arbitrarily chosen days to inject (unless I fail to follow the logic). Sustanon is usually injected every other day to every 3 days for the 8-10 weeks that you plan on cycling. The testoviron (testosterone enthanate) is usually injected every 3 to 5 days, same for deca.

Go ahead and take 25-50mg proviron per day. (Your doses aren’t that high but you can throw in something like nolvadex at 10-20mg per day if you have problems with estrogen that proviron doesn’t take care of.) I would inject 1ml sustanon, 1ml deca and 1ml testoviron every 3 days. And you want to discontinue the deca 2 weeks before you disontinue the testosterone. Come up with a new plan and post it.

Thanks guys for the comments, lattimus for what i understood from your comment i assume it would be better like this:

Week 1 to 5 - Deca(1ml=250mg)every 5 days,
Week 2 to 7 - Sustenon(1ml) every 3 days
Week 1 to 7 - Testoviron (1ml) every 5 days(differing the days from Deca)
Week 1 to 8 - One Proviron a day, 1,5 Dufine a day(he told me that Duffine does the same as Nolvadex)
Week 8 - 9 (PCT) - Pregnyl 2 time a week

Please comment as i?m learning a lot on your forum.