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1st Cycle


hey guys/gals, i need some help on my first d-bol cycle. im 18 but ive been lifting hard for about 2 years now. by hard i mean about 2 1/2 hours 6 days a week. i know im a little young for this cylce but i need to gain about 15-20 pounds of muscle. im 6'1 180 pounds and need to get up to at least 195. i was thinking about taking a little easier route with andro but i cant seem to find any...so im just gonna go through with the d-bol cycle. is it ok to just go with d-bol for 6 weeks and then finish with nolvedex or do i need to take a stack with some test or deca? any help would be great! thank you.


How is your diet? It seems to me you are overtraining and not eating enough to facilitate growth and are jumping the gun on AAS use. I was a 6'1 140 pound guy once upon a time, and I spent 7 years bulking from 140 - 210, naturally.

Using AAS at 18 will be bad for you, your "manhood" so to speak, and AAS use will not get you anything you couldnt get without it, working hard, eating right, and training properly. Search this site for nutrition and training info before using AAS. Do yourself a favor.


There is your answer right there. You are 18 fucking years old. You damn teenagers want it all right now or yesterday.

You been training for 2 years hard, woo fucking hoo. Ask any seasoned lifter on here what they ask and they sure as hell won't say 2 years is enough to gain what you can naturally or if 18 is an age to be taking the sauce. You need another 15 pounds, hell, you bust your ass this summer, eat your parents out of house and home (cos we all know there is plenty of nutrition info on here to do that) and by september you could be at 195.

15 pounds of muscle won't come easy even if you decide to be stupid and take the D-bol. Do you see the big picture here? you could fuck up your test levels for a long time to come.

Damn, youth, learn from those who have walked before you.


take 2000mg of Test Sus for 20 weeks staked will 200mg/day anadrol50 along will 1000mg of deca pw - you wont need pct.

God some people are so stupid!!! If you have read the forum you will see that teens taking the gear don't get a good responce so why do you idiots keep posting if you are not going to listen!

No you shouldn't be using the gear!!!! how about posting you diet and training.... start with that first - I bet there will be room for improvement there....


i think my diet is pretty good. im eating around 7 meals a day along with taking high 5 protien kre-alkaline creatine and amino max for all my amino acids. i have been a little worried about taking this cycle and if its better for me to wait a few years what is something else i can get on right now? ive been trying to get some andro but cant find any. how would andro work for me and where can i get it? thanks


I get it, you are one of those people who keep asking questions until you get the answer you want to hear. If someone else can agree with how you are feeling and what you want to do, even though it is absolutely absurd, you feel justified in your decision.

Take the advice from the other guy who replied to you, list your food. If i had a dollar for every person who said, "i eat pretty good..."

You don't need to be on anything. Maybe some creatine, maybe some amino's. MAYBE.

Eat, lift, condition, stretch, your 18 with lots of testosterone so take advantage.


Andro is in the same boat as gear at your age you dont need it. And its also banned. Do people really just not do research. Im only 19 and i know all of this stuff. So by the time im around 22 i will know everything i will need to know about this kind of thing i suggest you do the same.


why are you under pressure to gain 20lbs by september? football?


most people use dbol to kickstart cycles. why? because it gives you fast results and you dont keep the gains!! thats why you stack it with something like test where you will keep the gains if your not an idiot and by the time your done using dbol test will be working to your liking by then. now go tell all your stupid little friends that dbol is pointless alone. its very toxic by the way. my experience with it is if i dont use liver protectant i cant sleep at night from the back pains. its not worth it kid.


Holy Hell... sounds like massive overtraining to me. You can train hard all you like, now you need to learn to train smart.

Are Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press your main 3 lifts?


Definatly hold off D-bol at least till your 20-21 I was told I would get punched in the face by a bigg mo-fo if I took anything when I asked and I was 20 at the time. Try Cre-Alkoline probably mis spelled you may not look as good but you will put on weight I have been taking it for over a month and between eatting alot drinking alot of water and lifting 4-5 days a week I put on 15 pounds. Also with D-Bol anything you get will be crap ifyou are 18 you most likly don't have the funds to afford real D-Bol and will be taking Olive Oil or Sugar.


A couple guys at my gym went on a Dbol only cycle for 8 weeks, I have no idea how much they took, but both of them put on about 20 lbs give or take. Within 3 month of them getting off, they look the same as before they started. Dbol only cycles are just a waste of money and health. At your age if you dial in your training and eat like a fat bastard you can put on 15 lbs naturally. Or you can potentialy fuck up your body and end up right back where you started in 6 months. Besides, if your not training correctly you won't be very impressed with your gains regardless of what you take. Build your foundation first.


As i said before i work out 2 1/2 hours a day, 6 days a week and im not overtraining. My workout consists of legs, biceps, and back 1 day, and chest triceps and shoulders the next and so on. This give my muscles at least 1 day of rest and thats all my body needs.

The main reason i wanted to take dbol was to gain some wait, raise my bench 25 pounds and max 400, and to gain some more muscle mass. As of right now i weigh 180 and have 4% body fat, i eat like crazy, lift like crazy and cant seem to gain the weight. i think dbol is out of the question now but im still thinking about the andro or i might take a methyl cycle.

i know yall think im to young for the prohormones but it you could tell me which ones you think would work best to gain the weight and keep it, that would be great. thank you!


EAT,TRAIN,REST,GROW . You don't need Prohormones or juice what you need to do is increase your calorie intake and lift heavy and recover longer. At 4% bodyfat you must be calorie deficent if your goal is size and strength you gotta eat like you want it. you want advice? then take in what people are telling you here.


Why don't you list you diet and training? Meaning all the food you eat and execises, reps, sets, tepmo, etc.

Andro products will have the same result as stated above. Stop looking for the magic pill.... there is none... pay your dues! Train hard and eat right.

Oh and yes if you are training for 2 1/2 hours 6 days a week you are overtraining... or you talking more than you are training!


Listen bud, your 18. Not that I am saying your way to young because I am only 20 myself. Do your research. Your 180lbs at 4% body fat. Obviously your diet is off for a bulking phase. Your eating 5 meals a day. Try eating 6-7. You can eat clean and still try to get big. Read the articles on the website.

D-bol is extremely toxic for the liver, don't put nothing in your body that you don't know the affects of. You hear things from your friends but don't know what it does. Don't fuck up your test levels, when you don't even know what your doing!!

If you are know what to stack and how to cycle! Listen to the people on hear, post your diet and 2 and a half hours a day for 6 days is over training!!


4% body fat. ok. is that with a shoe or without? maybe you are 0% body fat and that is your problem.


damn, with bullshit like that you could be a politician. 180 lbs @ 4% bodyfat, so you are contest ready? cos bodybuilders at the end of their pre-contest are at that % bf.

2 1/2 hours per day x 6 days. how is that broken up, strength training, conditioning, flexibility, etc.

want to gain strength, lessen the time and increase the quality of work you are doing.

"oh, just tell me the good prohormones..." yeah, like we'd do that, do we have idiots written across our forehead?

there are certain things you gotta put your work in for and gaining muscle and strength at your age is one of them. shit, one of my clients just put 60 lbs on his deadlift and 30 lbs on his bench in that last 6 weeks so 25 lbs on your bench is certainly feasible with the right program and nutritional support within 4-6 weeks. and if you do it naturally then you will maintain it too.

i swear my T-Nation brothers, it is like talking to a deaf person sometimes..."when someone wants to understand, no reason is needed, when someone does not, no reason is good enough..."


That statement now closes all arguments on this thread. Nice quote.


Thanks bro. A good day to you.