1st Cycle

Hi Everybody!
I need some help.
Iâ??m 25 years old, I weight 178 lbs, 7% bodyfat. Iâ??ve been natural in all 7 years Iâ??ve been training. I hit a plateau for 2 years already

Trust me guys I have read a looooot of info ans everytime I read something you my â??simple cycleâ?? gets more and more difficult to do.

Iâ??m planning to run cypionate for 10 weeks.

I was planning to do:

1st 2 weeks 250ml
3-10 Week 500ml

I was planning to run that by itself maybe take some milk thistle.

And for PCT for 4 weeks
Nolvadex: 20mg a day
Tribulus: 1000mg a day
Phosphatidylserine: 800-1000mg a day
Milk thistle: 2 caps a day
Grow Tech (Grow Hormone Secretagogue from Vitamin Shop) 2 caps in the morning

Some friends who has been using â??juiceâ?? for a while said that I just also take proviron and arimedex and I should do:

Week 1-3

Week 4-7

Week 8-10

Nolvadex: 10 mg first 25 days and 25 last 25 days
Proviron 50 mg every day during 10 weeks
Milk Thistle every day

And for PCT

Iâ??m lost I want to do my first cycle right. The first PCT is something I put together as I said before I did a lot of reading.

Any suggestions, which cycle is better???.. Do I need Proviron

Excuse my English is not my first language

weeks 1-10

test cyp 250mg 2x a week (monday and friday)

adex .25mg-.5mg EOD

2 weeks after last injection PCT nolva 40/40/20/20 (that’s 40mg ED for the first 2 weeks then 20mg ED for the second 2 weeks).

Thanks bro!
The problem I’m having is that I know two guys that sell gear and both of them don’t have proviron or arimedex and don’t know when they are gonna get them.
I’ve read and people have told me it cuts down on the gains you could have gotten. And just have Nolvadex on hand in case of any side effects.
Btw I have already have Nolva for PCT
Any thoughts???.. What should I do???.. Can I run cypionate by itself without proviron or arimedex??