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1st Cycle, Worth it?


Hello all,

So, I have been considering doing a first cycle with the hopes of getting some great gains and being able to retain them in the long term (to whatever degree is possible). So, I have been speaking with a local TRT facility since I have no other contacts by which to get a cycle, and I wanted to make sure I could continue to get a supply as needed.

But, now that I have gotten down to the detail of what they will provide, it seems to be a little on the low end, even for a first cycle.

So, they are willing to provide a MAXIMUM of 375/week test-e. They also include all the PCT that is needed.

I have two concerns with this: First, isn't this a little too low to make it worth it? I don't have low T now, although they will provide the TRT anyhow. But I was hoping to do 500/week since that is what seems to be recommended by most.

Of course, long term that becomes a problem too I would think, because I wont be able to increase the dosage further on subsequent cycles.

Any opinions on whether I should even bother in this case?



35 years old
225 lbs
23% bodyfat
Been working out 5 years
NOT A BODYBUILDER (Just want to be in great shape)


Get a buddy of yours to get another 375/week. Now you have 750/week.


why not just stack it with some t-bol or dbol? A light oral cycle combined with 375mg Test will get you some great gains.