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1st cycle with Tribex/M and 1st time with Surge.

Ok guys, I will be starting my 1st cycle of MAG-10. 2 weeks of 1.5 capfulls. But when I finish that should I take the Tribex 500 everyday for 2 weeks ( 3 in am 3 in pm) or should I take it for 5 days then 2 off like the bottle says. Also how about M? Take 3 in AM for 2 weeks? And does anyone know how well surge mixes with water? I usually wait 45 mins after my workout when I get home to have my post-workout shake. But if the surge mixes easily with water I can just bring it with me to the gym.


Surge mixes very easily with water. No need for a blender or even a shaker cup.

take your surge with you to the gym and drink it immediately after your workout. You could even start drinking it near the end of your workout. Like TEK said above, it tastes great in water and you don’t need a blender or shaker cup; just shake it. I leave your Tribex and M q’s for another soul since I am relatively ignorant.

Tribex - two weeks straight, 6 pills a day

M - two weeks straight, 3 pills in the morning

I’d take the M and Tribex at the same time in the morning and then take the tribex again at night.

Mix your surge in at least 1 liter of water. Start sipping it at the beginning of your workout, saving about 1/2 for after your workout.

Ive seen good results with 5on 2off for tribex. I don’t have a strict plan on weekends so it’s tough to take those capsules at a certain time, and tough to even remember(one too many head shots I guess). But, I plan on starting a a nice cycle of some serious supps. for my renegade level 4 workouts. It will look like this;
Tribex 3 caps.-am 3 caps.-pm
M 4 caps.-am
Trac creatine 1 serving-a.m.
BSN Nitrix 3 caps.-noon before lunch

Im excited, Im gonna be strong as crap (I hope). I plan on punching through walls, ya heard me?

Da Boxer