1st cycle with deca/primo

I am thinking of doing a first cycle with deca and primo. I’m thinking about going at it in 2 different ways and I need opinions as to which cycle would be best. I do not want to add any test or d-bol, I do not want to accelerate my hair loss, or any of the other side effects. Winstrol is too expensive and I can’t bear the thought of injecting myself every other day. Keeping this in mind;
1st option would be 400 mgs/week Deca for 5 weeks and then switch over to primo for 400 mgs /week for 3 weeks.
2nd option would be 200mgs of deca combined with 200 mgs of primo per week for 8 weeks.
I want to avoid prog. gyno that deca may cause and also want to avoid “deca dick” Which option would be better to avoid those side effects. Thanks for any help.

I did a cycle of deca and primo this summer while I was going to school in europe. 400mg deca and 400 mg primo for three weeks. I didnt really gain anything, and I totally lost my libido. I had hot european chicks all over me and ready to get it on (I guess they like american guys), but I didn’t care at all. I had no sexual desires, and believe me this is not normal. I felt really drained too. If I was you I would add some androgens to this stack, maybe some testosterone or something.