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1st cycle with Anavar/Primo

I was thinking of doing a first cycle with orals only. An international source will soon have these products at good prices. After much reading I only wish to use Primo and/or Anavar. I was going to do an 8 week cycle using about 150mg Primo/day and 60 mg of Oxandrolone/day. However Bill Roberts wrote the Oxandroone is prabably equally potent per milligram as injected primo to perhaps twice as potent. With this in mind should I just forget about primo and bump the Oxandrolone to about 100 mgs per day for 8 weeks and then taper off for 4 weeks which would be a total of 12 weeks on the oxandrolone, and from what I have read clomid is not required or nolvadex. Any help would be much appreciated.

Oxandrolone, unless purchased as the bulk powder – and even then actually – is absurdly expensive per gram. Primobolan oral in Mexico
(unlike the case in some European countries)
is also extremely overpriced per gram, and
what’s worse, efficiency is 50% at best by
oral route so you need even more of the
overpriced steroid.

Oxandrolone-only has the problem that it
is 17-alkylated and liver toxic whereas
Primobolan is not.

It would be much better on your wallet
to use injectable Primo rather than oral,
and better on your liver to use either
type of Primo than to use oxandrolone (not
that brief use of a moderate amount is
a real problem though.)

Hi Al…please see my question re: Anavar useage. Brock recommended that you should NEVER take more than 40mg per day as it can be harmful. Hope it helps…