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1st cycle - winny/deca

I’m going to do my first cycle in about a month. If I get my hands on winstrol and deca I would like to do a few 2 weeks on 4 weeks off cycles. My plan is this: Deca-> 400 mg Day 1, 200 mg Day 5,9,13. Oral Winstrol-> 100 mg Day 1, 50 mg Day 2-10. Is there anything wrong with this cycle?? Is taking 550mg of Winstrol with 1 gram of Deca too much for a 2 week cycle?? I chose to combine a class I steroid with a class II hoping this will help me achieve my goal of 20-30 lbs. lbm in 12 weeks (2 cycles). I’ve read that winstrol tabs run $2 per 2 mg tab. What should I expect to pay for 1 gram of deca? I’m trying to make this a economical stack as well. I appreciate those who can help me out.

Deca is not suitable for the 2on/4off cycle because its half life is to long .Stick with the winny .

When you know the basic premise of the 2on/4off cycling theory, which is to reduce inhibition by using short-acting steroids that will clear by the 2 week point - why are you using a long-acting injectable like Deca? By taking the last shot on Day 13 (as well as using 1000mg total) you would probably have inhibition until week 4. Either switch the Deca with a short-acting compound, or go 6-8 weeks! The Winstrol is OK, though - if you take the last injection on Day 10…

I feel stupid for not knowing that. Should I add a class I steroid or go with just straight winstrol?