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1st Cycle: What to Do, What to Do!

I plan on running my first cycle after I hit my target weight of 215. Right now I’m 209.5 and will be hitting target weight sooner than later. I began reading about cycling a year or so ago but focused on mass cycles as I wanted to gain weight but with a year of reading comes a year of training, with that time in the gym and kitchen I will soon be hitting my weight goal naturally… But at 215 my goal will no longer be to gain weight but to get VERY lean and stay at around 215…

Height 5’11
Weight 209.5 (will cycle at 215)
BF ~12%
Max Squat 425
Bench Flat B. 120’s 5x5 (dumbbells)

I can get just about any gear that I need.

Cycles that have been running through my mind:

Test E 500 mgs a week Wk’s 1-10
Winstrol 50mgs a day Wk’s 5-10
PCT Nolvadex Wk’s 12-16

^A concern of mine from lurking here is the joint pains/aches associated with Winstrol, also don’t know if I should take Winstrol in begining or end of cycle.

Test Prop 50 mgs every two days Wk’s 1-8
Tren Ace 50 mgs every two days Wk’s 1-8

^I have read about Tren and how awesome it is for doing what I’m trying to do but I’m worried that since it’s my first cycle the frequency of injections that’s alot of pinning, not that I’m afraid of needles or anything but every two days is alot… Also can you put the two in the same syringe for injections?

Test E 500 mgs a week Wk’s 1-10
Proviron 50 mgs a day Wk’s 3-10
PCT Nolvadex Wk’s 12-16

Test E 500 mgs a week Wk’s 1-10
Deca 300 mgs a week Wk’s 1-9 (Only reason I say deca is I already bought it a while back but can easily sell it.)
PCT Nolvadex Wk’s 12-16

Alright guys those cycles have been running through my mind as options what do you guys think is the best as far as what I’m going for (maintaining weight while getting very lean), and as far as least side-effects i.e. acne/hairloss/whatever else. If anyone has a better cycle idea let me know.

Option 2 looks good to me, but you would be better off pinning ED with those short esters.

It is not usually recommended to use tren for your first cycle and all those injections for novice could be a litle hairy.

If you want to be safe and progressive, you can always go with test alone and really concentrate on your diet. That way you can gauge the effect of one compound before adding another.

Unless I am competing in a show I will never inject anything everyday. That being said which cycle is better for what im going for and has less overall side effects.

Test E 500 mgs a Wk, Wk’s 1-10
Winstrol 50 mg a Wk Wk’s 5-10
PCT NOVA Wk’s 12-16


Test E 500 mgs a Wk, Wk’s 1-10
Proviron 50 mg’s a day Wk’s 3-10
PCt Nova Wk’s 12-16

Your best bet for your first cycle would be
test P 100mg/day and the proviron.

I would run it for six weeks, recovery would be easy, but you would make very good gains. Make sure to get an AI.

Option three is fine as well, but I would frontload the test, and start the proviron right away (to combat possible rise in SHBG from test frontload). If you do this option also make sure to frontload your AI.

Unless you researched it a lot, do not do tren in your first cycle. Nandrolone is certainly not needed and is a drug that carries some baggage.

Thanks egnatiosj, FUCK i’m excited to try this…

The point of frontloading is to feel the effects of the test quicker than if you didn’t? I dont really understand why I should frontload.

Option 3 with a frontload would look like…

Test E 750mgs Wk 1
Test E 500 mgs Wk’s 2-8
Proviron Wk’s 1-8
PCT Nolvadex Wk’s 10-14?

I would think that 8 wk’s is short for a Test E cycle… Not sure about with a frontload or not tho…

It is to establish high stable blood levels right away instead of taking several half lives to do so.

Bill Roberts and Dynamo Hum both post the front loading formula all the time, a simple search will show you how to calculate how much to shoot on the first shot.

I hope you know to shoot the test 2x a week for more stable blood levels.

Eight weeks with a front load is fine for a Test E cycle and in actuality it is a 10week cycle as you will be suppressed until week 10.

W1-8: Test E Day 1 600mg; then 250mg 2x/w
W1-8: Proviron 50mg/d
W1-8: Adex Day 1 1mg; then 0.25mg EOD
W9-10: Adex 0.25mg EOD (you can taper down)


W11-14: Nolva Day 1 140mg split throughout day; then 20mg/d

Frontloads get blood level up to desired level almost immediatly compared to a few weeks normally for Test e.

Edit: W1 => don’t forget 2nd weekly injection of 250mg

Thanks alot guys but I still want to understand this better.

“Frontloads get blood level up to desired level almost immediately compared to a few weeks normally from test e.”

What is the desired blood level? What does that really mean… Does that mean that you get the effects of test E sooner with the frontload? If so that doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for the help

I don’t know how to calculate the linear serum levels exactly. It would be interesting to have Bill Roberts lay that out.

Here is a quote from Bill using an 8 day half life for test Cyp (test enanthate is more like 5 days):

"But using 8 days and let’s say your planned rate was 750 mg/week (it wasn’t clear to me exactly what you were looking at in that regard, but if that isn’t the rate, substituting another number and redoing the calculation will work fine.)

So if the half-life is 8 days and the planned rate is 750 mg/week, the planned average amount of use per half-life is 750 mg times 8 divided by 7, or 857 mg.

If planning to inject that 750 mg as 250 mg three times per week, then the first injection is, or should approximate, 857 mg plus 250 mg. Which would be about 1107 mg. There’s no need to be so extremely precise, so for example 1000 mg or 1125 or 1250 mg would be acceptable substitutes.

The amount needed to get to what will be the ongoing level already having been provided, the next injection and all others need be only the ongoing 250 mg injections.

Basically, the first injection gets you right away to where you plan to be, and the following injections keep you there.

In contrast, if you just injected 250 mg on day 1, not only would your levels not be commensurate with the 750 mg/week level, nor would they be commensurate with the 250 mg/week level: they would be commensurate with about the 125 mg/week level or slightly less. So the cycle is starting off with an absolute whimper when done this way. Not the way to go."