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1st Cycle. What Do You Think?


Test cypt 250mg wk1-10
Deca 200mg wk1-10
Andro gel 1%, 2 : 5grm packs daily wk1-6
hGH 3iu daily 6 months
Arimdex 3mg every 7 days
Anavar 40mg daily wk6-10
HCG,Clomid,Creatine, PCT

winny at end mg ? need advice thanks.


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To me, it looks weird. Nothing wrong with running a lower dose, although that's lower than I would go.

No need for the andro gel, just bump up the test.

Why 3mg every 7 days on adex? Just do .5mg every day.

Var looks fine at the end.

I wouldn't use the winny on your first cycle, your already trying 3 compounds. See what works first.

Clomid only for PCT? I see HCG as well, but what's the dosing protocol that your going to follow with that?



Why not just do a test only cycle for your first time. There is no reason to be doing all those additional drugs when you have no idea how you will respond. Just run the test at like 375mgs for x weeks then follow up with PCT


I have no experience with the gel, so I can't comment on that part of the cycle.

If it were me, I'd take the var at the beginning to get a jump start since there is no frontload on those long chain esters.

Also, I don't think Arimidex is powerful enough to be taken via an every 7 days protocal, so I would perhaps consider something more like 1mg EOD? If I was intent on only taking my Anti-E every 7 days or so I would, as I have in the past, use Letro and a much lower dose. Its show to do a superior job for a longer period of time at a lower dose.


1---No reason for Androgel

2---No reason to run Arimidex until you see sides. I have NEVER run Arimdex during a cycle. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that will have minimal or no sides...+...Arimidex will mute some of the gains.

3---Do not use HCG until the last month of the cycle. If you feel better about it, run it for a week mid cycle, then again for the last month. Start PCT two weeks AFTER the end of the cycle.


I'm coming back after 1 year layoff(personal reasons).age 35 Ht 5'8" Wt227
bodyfat 14.7% strength is down, after
1Wk Squat 405 dl 365 2bqard press 315
Goals lean mass get strength back EX,Squat off 180lbs old max 585 raw.
2packs of the andro gel =910 test range is (270-1070).so it looks like
hGH 4iu 6 months
Test Cypt 300mg W/ Deca 200mg wk1-10
Anavar 50mg aday wk1-5
Arimidex 3mg EOD
post cycle HCG+clomid


sorry not be clear on the plan for the test & Deca to start low 300mg wk1-2,weeks 3-6 up to 500mg,wks 7 & 8 drop down to 400mg then 300mg. Deca will run the same.the GEL sucks but I have 3 months worth.So Ill use it.
little joe


To be quite honest with you, I would drop the BF to 10% - 11% before going on a cycle. With the amount of extra protein / calories you will need to make a nice impact you will be around 18% by the end of the cycle--too fat.....unless of course you do two hours of cardio / day or drastically restrict nutrients. Then you would be defeating the purpose of anabolics.


Also why Winny at the end? Contrary to popular belief among 99% of users, Winny IS NOT a cutting drug. If you want a cutting drug use Trenbolone. The fat burning and strength building effects of Tren "run circles around" Winny.