1st Cycle Using Tren

Please critiue my cycle,

I normally stick to test and winstrol but found some decently priced tren from British Dragon. The anavar is BD also. I have heard such great things about trn that I thought I’d try it for my self. My aim is a lean mass cycle and not an out and out bulker, although I expect some BF increase due to hypercalorific eating. Anyway…

600mg Test Cyp weekly (split into 2 doses)
75 mg of tren every other day
30mg Anavar daily.

Total duration 4-6 weeks.

I was going to front load the test as normal, but should I front load the tren aswell?

For your info, I am mid 30s, been training for 20 years and this is not my first cycle. PCT will be HCG & Clomid, and Nolvedex will be taken while on.

Thanks for any input.

Yes front the tren for the 1st week at 150mg/EOD.

BTW, I would replace anavar with dianabol or even winstrol.

I agree with archaic. Tren is a class 1, Test is a class 1 with some class 2 action, It would be a better stack if you chose dianabol or stanozonal - two chiefly class 2 anabolics. With your goals in mind however, stanozonal is the best choice. Keep your anavar for postcyle use though. After you have finished with the tren use it to continue your cycle but bridge off the effects of the tren as tren is extremely suppressive, and Anavar (also a class 1) almost not suppressive whatsoever. This will give you a smoother pct

Thanks guys - much appreciated