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1st Cycle Ttips


Hi everyone, I'm planning on starting my first cycle in a few days, just wanted to run it by the members of this forum to make sure everything's in order. I've learned a heap from this forum so I hope I've included everything here.

I'm 24, have been training for 4 years, diet is in check and I'll be getting 8+ hrs sleep every night.
I'm planning on doing three cycles over two or three years, I want about 15kgs muscle and then I think I'll be happy and just get really lean and maintain. Although everyone says that I guess (just one more cycle after this and I'll be happy lol).

Cycle will be pretty basic to see how I react to these drugs, I may add in dbol next cycle:

Test Cyp 1-10 400mg/week
Arimidex EOD 0.5mg

Nolva 12-16 40/40/20/20

I'm thinking I'll just bulk all out cos it's my first cycle, probably put on a fair bit of fat which can be cut later on. Thinking of trying 1000-1500 cals over maintenance and see how that goes. I plan to continue eating big through my PCT so I don't lose too much of my gains when test is low. Would you guys recommend this?

Also, not sure if HCG is required for this cycle? Probably too short for testicular atrophy, but I'm more worried about its effects of mimicing LH to restore normal test function after the cycle. I've read a few people saying use it late in the cycle, stopping before the use of PCT to restore natural test function quicker.

Any thoughts? Cheers


My thoughts are that its starting to annoy me everytime I read that people cant figure out simple math. 2 weeks after last shot would be week 13 not 12. This common error is starting to get rather annoying and with any research at all would be avoided.

Your testes are going to shrink in only a few weeks just fyi. They should be quite a bit smaller in size by 10 weeks.

Why 400mg/wk and why 10 weeks?


Yeah my mistake with the math, I know it's two weeks after the last shot for PCT.
I'm starting with a relatively short and small cycle to see how I react to the test, then I might add in some other compounds and increase the test after this cycle.


yes continue to eat/lift big through PCT dont try and cut your little bit or excess fat gained during right away. and keep your diet in check and there could be virtually none.