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Hey guys, I’m about to start on my 1st cycle, and need some help from Brock, Bill, and other knowlegeable people. I’m 205 lbs at a bodyfat % of 13; and I’ve been training consistently for the last 6 years. This is the 4 week cycle, I plan on doing–
DAY 1-21- 40 mg/day of D-Bol
DAY 21-28-25 mg/day of D-Bol
DAY 1-21- 7tabs/day of Clen
DAY 1-35- 100mg/day of Clomid
The injectables–
DAY’s 1 & 10- 500mg of Sustanon 250
DAY’s 5 & 15- 200mg of Testoviron Depot

I shall be grateful for any suggestions (I have easy access to D-Bol, Testoviron, Sustanon, & Deca; so I can use different dosages if many of you think I should) Thanks!