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1st Cycle, Test/EQ, Critique Needed


I’m 28 and running my first cycle in the next few weeks. I have detailed it below in 2 different formats for clarity and would appreciate any input.

10 weeks 300mg one shot per week Test-Enanthate
9 weeks 333mg one shot per week Equipoise (that way both compounds clear at week 12)
.25mg Armotraz EOD until 17 days after my last shot test shot
20mg Tamodex starting week 5 – 5 days on / 2 days off – last one would be 5 days after Test shot and 12 days after last EQ shot
Week 11 75iu HCG ed for 7 days
Week 12 50 mg Clofi-50 ED for 30 days

Put another way:
0 – 63 days Test (clear 77 days)
0 – 56 days EQ (clear 77 days)
2 – 82 days .25mg Armotraz EOD (ending after cycle/hcg and 5 days after starting clomid)
29 – 68 days 20mg Tamodex 5 on / 2 off (ending 5 days after last test shot)
70 – 76 days 75iu HCG ED (starting 1 week after last test shot)
77 – 106 days 50mg Clofi-50 ED (starting 2 weeks after last test shot)

Should I taper the clomid and take it longer?
Should I start HCG sooner and take it longer? I have read I should not take it while on PCT.
I have more questions but will save them for others input.

Thank you for the help.

Here are some stats and other info to get y’all interested.
5’4" 142lbs 10-12%bf
I’d like to get to 157 during cycle then stay a solid 152 after pct. Of course 155 would be great.
Bench 250 - could be higher but i don’t really BB bench or focus on flat
Strict OHP 135 - would like to bring up
Squat low 300s below parallel
DL mid to high 300s
I credit 5x5 a few years ago to getting my bench and squat to 1.5x and 2x body weight

Current diet 5 meals a day w/35g protein per meal
2000+ calories 100g carbs/200g protein/80g fat
plus workout days 35g whey & 20g maltodextrin post workout

I recently upped my reps (4 sets 12-15 reps) and frequency (5-6) to get ready but i have lost a bit of fat (and probably muscle) from working out more without really increasing my carbs. I can gain on the above diet working out 3-4 days a week in the 8 to 12 rep range. For the past 2 months I have worked out 5.5 times a week but I think the extra workouts (and extra reps) were actually a negative. I am going to keep up the frequency but drop the reps back down to 8-12.

Cycle diet:
Add 2 sweet potatoes a day
+400 cal and 80g carbs
probably add more maltodextrin to post workout shake as well

EQ needs to be run longer than 10 weeks for maximal benefit, it’s a very long ester. (Unless you have boldenone acetate or cypionate but in that case 1 injection per week wouldn’t work). Test cyp is best injected every 3.5 days for stable blood levels lessens the chance of sides. Considering this is your first cycle I’d just run the test, bump up the dosage a bit and run test only for 10 weeks, that’s a solid first cycle (I’ve never cycled though this is just my opinion and I am not a doctor this is not medical advice). Hcg can just be shot at 500iu twice per week. I don’t see any need for you to do nolva after clomid, pick one or the other or use both, I’m sure someone else with experience will give better advice but that’s just my .02 cents. Granted if you run your cycle like this you will make gains, but they will be far from optimal.
Finally you need to look into donating blood on EQ as it can raise hematocrit, sometimes dangerously so. Keep an eye on lipids, blood pressure etc. stay safe, enjoy the cycle

I’d run both compounds longer. 10 weeks is not much time at all with Test E. That’s not a very long time for any LE compound. Also, I’d definitely look at running EQ longer. It takes forever to really kick in. You’ll be coming off of EQ shortly after you start seeing results, if you see any at all. Both dosages are low, especially the Test E dose. I definitely think you need more time if you are running longer compounds.

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Thanks for the advise moose. I will look into extending to 12 weeks but that will necessitate more test/eq, nova, and AI. If I can’t get all of that I may up the test to 400mg/wk as getting one more vial should be easy. I am trying to save a 500mg/wk test cycle for round two. That way I have more experience.

Question: why the meticulous detail paid to the clearance times of the two compounds on this cycle, but not nearly as much attention paid to the actual data that would indicate the necessity of running EQ longer than nine weeks?

You put a lot of thought and time into making sure that your pct would start at the right time but have given almost no thought to the fact that nine weeks at 333mgs is a sub-optimal way to run EQ. That makes me wonder if you have a deadline you need to meet and you’re planning the cycle around it. If that’s the case then you don’t need to give us any detail, it’s your business. But if your goal is not dependent on a specific time frame then you would be better served to make the most of the EQ and run it higher and longer. Hell, you could run the test at a TRT dose and use the EQ as your primary builder. You could do that without having to buy any more test and run a 15 week cycle. Just food for thought.

Understood on your EQ point. I am running it as just an additional compound simply because I have it. I am keeping the cycle short because I do have a small frame and do not want to put on an amount that would raise suspicion with work/friends/family. I can always do another cycle when I have more experience. I am willing to risk the “ridiculous” gains you can make with virgin receptors for a first cycle with smaller steadier gains post cycle and on a 2nd or even 3rd cycle.

I get it, but doing something simply because you have it isn’t a very good reason. Your long term plans make perfect sense. Slow and steady growth, with a few lighter cycles here and there, is a perfectly logical way to do things. But wasting the EQ doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not going to hurt you or anything, it just won’t do a lot of good. Usually you plot out the risks and rewards and make a judgment based on which one is greater. But I’m also a fairly conservative guy when it comes to a lot of things, so that may explain our different perspectives. Best of luck to you and keep us posted as you go.

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