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1st Cycle: Test E Only 12 Weeks

Look at @KSman s pct section it’s pretty in-depth. Also exemestane/aromasin won’t have a rebound like other inhibitors, as it’s a type 2 meaning suicidal inhibitor. It’s also way more forgiving than letro.

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Pinning quads does get better, I go half way down and on the outside of my quad (vastus lateralis). Just make sure you sit down and take all pressure off the quad and time it to only do them after you train lower body. Eventually it will get better and you will be able to train them straight after with no issue.

Anyone ever try pinning a longer ester multiple times a week but in smaller doses? Example 500mg sustanon m-f 100mg per day vs just like 250mg tues and 250mg Friday. Just curious what you guys do and if anyone has seen benefits to pinning more

I’ve pinned long esters Ed before

Any difference between ed and like twice a week?

Just better drug stability in the blood.

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Read an article on a bodybuilding competitor that ran their cycles that way. Kept there levels consistent and gave them slightly better overall results, but the question comes up of whether it’s worth having to pin daily. If you are going for the utmost results and can handle the daily pins then go for it. I considered it as I really only want one cycle and I wanted it to be as perfect as possible but daily pins or pins E3D were too much to keep track of for me personally so I choose every mon / thurs. It’s up to you and what your comfortable with in relation to your goals.

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Update: 1st glute pin in today with 23 ga 1.5. Was going to try one more week of quads but I’m still feeling pip in right quad from my pin 7 days ago. Hopefully it still feels okay in a day or two.

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Have you even able to find any other differences like more energy or better pumps or better shape in areas you pinned more often?

Thanks for the info! appreciate that!

Not with Test alone, but when I run other compounds yes, it’s easier to keep sides down.

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Cool! I think I’m going to try pinning sustanon m-f last 8 weeks of my cycle and see if there’s any substantial differences vs first 8 weeks. Thanks!

Only spot I have zero pip from is side delts with an insulin needle, injecting quads messes with my leg day schedule

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Well to be honest there will be a difference between the two. Only because the gear will reach peak and the physical changes come faster at that stage

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I use 25 gauge 5/8 in glutes too. There have been some writings saying that 5/8 would be subq in gluetsxand that doing it that way actually gives you more bang for the buck with your test. I think it was Dr Chrisler and basically said that you’ll get the equivalent of 1ml with a .8ml dose. Don’t know if that’s true or not but at least I’m not getting tons of scar tissue with IM injections. My levels have remained pretty steady compared to the labs using 1 inch needles

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What kind of volume are you injecting with 25 gauge 5/8" glute?

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0.6 ml Monday and again Thursday night. When I blast I go back to the standard 23 gauge 1 inch. Doing 2ml with the 25 gauge would freaking take forever!


I’m happy with the current rotation I have and I don’t notice any difference between 5/8” and 1” aside from less pain.

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Do you mind me asking your BF%?
I’m now intrigued and curious about trying a 5/8”.

I don’t necessarily have any pain from 25g 1”, just minor tenderness. But if it’s even easier, then I’m all for it.

18% last scan