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1st Cycle: Test E Only 12 Weeks

Before I begin, many thanks to the community as a whole. I would not have ever felt comfortable taking this on without reading through all your experiences and directions to resources so I could learn and make decisions for myself. Let’s begin.

Goal: Gain 20 lbs muscle and maintain 12% body fat.

Gear: Test E @ 300mg/ml
HCG @ 5000iu
Letro @ 2.5mg per tab
Nova @ 20mg per tab
23 ga @ 1.5 inch (Draw/Pin)
25 ga @ 1 inch (Pin)

Weeks 1 - 12 250mg Test E Mon/Th (500 weekly)
Weeks 8 - 13 250iu HCG Mon/Th (500 weekly)
Letro as needed but avoiding useage in 1st 2 weeks. I know it’s strong and can easily crash E so I will be cautious with it only using .6-.7 mg at a time if I feel I need it.
Weeks 14 - 17 Nova 40/40/20/20

I’m 27 been lifting on and off for about 12 years but had a major injury 6 years ago and stopped lifting for 3 - 4 years straight. Currently lifting consistently for 2 years. Max squat 405, Max Deadlift 395, Max Bench 295. Height is 6’2 and I was 225lbs around 18% but have dropped to 210 @ 13 - 14% body fat to start this cycle. I really wanted 12% to start but I’ve just gotten impatient and started already. Currently on week 2 pinning quads and my 1st question is how on earth am I supposed to do legs with all this Pip and I read that the body adapts and pip becomes less severe but how long till I experience this. The pin itself is painless. I heat the syringe with a hair drier and it flows easy. I’m pinning about 3/4ths up quads. I’d really rather not pin glutes or anywhere else, but the next 2-3 days hurt so bad and any quad work is basically impossible. Suggestions? Or am I just being a baby and it takes more than 2 pins in each quad for it to stop hurting everytime…

I never pin quads because I get the same response as you do. I do glutes (ventro and dorso), and recently started using insulin pins to do delts (the best ever). If you can get some 25g needles you should use those on your glutes and see if things improve. 25g 5/8” is also good for delts I’m told, but for me the insulin pins work great.

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I assume 25ga x 1inch in glutes is long enough?

Yeah, that should be fine. I actually use 5/8 because that’s what was available the last time I ordered and they work great. But 1” is certainly more accepted as a standard.

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I did first injection to quad and it is impossible to dk leg workout

I then switched to glutes and very light pip

Gotcha, I’m going to try this then

Lol, I’m not lean enough to get away with 5/8s. I’ll try my 23 ga 1.5s just so I can compare the pain to 23 ga 1.5s i’ve used in quads thus far. Then proceed to 25 ga 1 inch if it’s an improvement over 25 ga 1inch in the quads. Honestly can’t see how it wouldn’t be. Thanks man

I go 27 gage at 1 inch and I have no issues… I pin shoulders… mix from front delts to rear delts on sus 250


If glutes don’t work, then I’m going for 29s in the delts, but hopefully i can get away with glutes

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I’m right at 12% BF, and pin 25g 1” glutes and do legs both days following pinning. No issues. I couldn’t imagine doing quads though.

Pined quads once never again. And it has nothing to do with my gear/oil/concentration. I use 1 inch top outer of glute never have pip or any soarness. Only thing I will say is if I don’t apply pressure for a few seconds after I will sometimes get a few spots of blood on my briefs

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That’s good to know actually, thanks.

I’m 12 days in on week 2 now and have already gone up on basically every lift. Not sure if this is placebo or not though? Body weight is up 8 lbs though I’m assuming water weight. I’ve kept the salt in my diet decently low so far so I guess water weight is unavoidable or maybe even a good thing some argue? Also I measured myself again and I’m already significantly “thicker” if this is what it’s like before it really hits then somewhere around week 4 is going to be exciting. Final note, i took approx .6 to .7 mg of Letro the other day as I was feeling itchy nips, but honestly I think I was just being paranoid and it was caused by the shirt I was wearing.

Itchy nips does not = high E2.
Your playing with a strong drug (letro) if you pop a quarter tab every time your nips itch or you think your E2 is getting a little high your gonna regret it i promise


Quads take time to get used to. Also depends on the gear. I would start the hcg the last week of use as it works pretty quickly. The nolva should be enough for e2 issues.

Also don’t use the hcg. Then nolva. Pick one I would get some exemestane for pct as it works great as well

Also increase your salt intake it helps with everything. Also I don’t know how people use soon pins on delts, never saw one that could get into the muscle belly.

Agreed, agreed. I just figured a qtr tab once a week if I felt like something was off would be okay. Definitely not going to use it EoD or anything unless future blood work dictates otherwise.

Exemestane? Makes me think of Aromasin… I think that’s what the stuff is called anyway, I thought that was ran more as an AI rather than specifically PCT. Also haven’t seen anything suggesting against HCG for a week or a few weeks before starting Nolva or really any other PCT. I’ve just seen make sure that you have minimum 3-4 days before the last HCG pin before starting PCT. I thought I was okay ending HCG week 12-13 as I’d have at least 7 days before starting nolva. I kind of like the idea of not running HCG till a bit later than week 8 because that would put me on HCG fro 4 to 5 weeks and apparently becoming dependent or unable to produce naturally is a serious concern with using HCG for that long? So maybe I can use it starting week 9 or 10 and stop week 12 or 13 which if I’m understanding correct will start natural test production asap once my cycle is ending so that in PCT I can maintain as much as possible, while also mitigating the length of time I’m having to use HCG.