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1st Cycle Test E - OCT AND PCT

12 week cycle Test E 500mg

Final 2 weeks of cycle HCG recommended ?

Also any other advice greatly appreciated, considered dbol only cycle but have reconsidered.emphasized text

Hear so many contradicting opinions

You should have a better understanding as to the pharmacology of these compounds before you even think about using them.

HCG can cause LH receptor downregulation, has it’s own set of (potential) unique side effects as does nolva and test (nolva and Tamoxifen are the same drugs btw)

HCG can be used briefly in the weeks prior to PCT, whether it makes for a quicker recovery or not I don’t know as there isn’t any literature on HCG being used for PCT (then again there isn’t any literature backing PCT up but by looking at the way these drugs works it makes sense to hypothesize they help one recover faster). It will cause the testicles to reach their original size/ sperm production at a quicker rate. HCG isn’t LH (I find it annoying when people say this) nor is it “synthetic LH”… It’s a hormone produced in the placenta of a pregnant female… The pituitary has it’s own analouge of HCG… That analouge is LH… Look up chorionic (human chorionic gonadotropin) if you don’t believe me. Also you don’t HAVE to use HCG at all, as a matter of fact in a short 1st cycle I’d say it’s safer to not use it at all.

Nolva is generally used (I’m uncomfortable giving out drug instructions) after around 3ish half lives of test (whichever type) has passed, so for test E/C say 3 wks. Dose and duration you can easily figure out.

I’m in a shitty mood due to various reasons, so don’t take this post personally if it seems snarky.

Sorry buddy just so much conflicting info

Can I just ask with 1st cycle using aromasin during do you think 12.5 a day is absolutely necessary at such a beginners dose of test

Also if I were to use nolva as pct for 4 weeks 40/40/20/20 would that be sufficient or would you recommend clomid as well.

Save the aromasin for sides. You may not need it but having it is a good idea just in case. PCT with nolva only is fine.

It’s quite evident you have not spent much time actually researching, and you’re just looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do.

“Is it necessary to take aromasin 12.5mg daily?”

  • if you read just one or two pages of posts, you’d see that NO ONE is recommending that.

There’s no rush man. Read, research, plan, then ask questions.