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1st Cycle: Test E, Dbol


Hey everyone! I'll post pics of progress throughout my journey.
My stats:
28 years old
Working out the past 4 years.

I used to weigh 227lbs at my heaviest, that was all fat. I decided I wanted to get into shape, so I tried P90X. Which was the best choice I've ever made. I finished the program and dropped to 167lbs cut ripped. Well I did that one more time but with the intention to add mass and managed to climb up to 180lbs. Which is where I've plateaud the past year and a half or so. I can stuff my face with junk food plus really healthy food and consume 250g+ of protein a day and I won't get any higher then 184lbs. As soon as I cut junk food out and still consume 3500 calories a day I drop back down to around 178.
I work out 5 times a week.
Anyways I'm starting a cycle tomorrow to bust this plat and reach new highs. I'm currently working out at the local gym.

My Cycle looks like this
Test E 500mg-250mgx2 weeks 1-12
DBol 40mg/day weeks 1-4
DBol 40mg/day weeks 8-10
Arimidex 0.5mg eod/-weeks 2-12
HCG 250iu 2x week- weeks 3-12
Liver 52 pills
Milk Thistle
PCT weeks 14-17
-Nolva 40/40/20/20

Should I axe the DBol weeks 8-10?


what was your reason behind your dbol at week 8-10 ?

why dont you run it for six weeks straight instead ?

imo when your on dbol + test run adex at 0.5mg EoD when test alone 0.25 mg EoD since you sound pretty lean you dont have much fat cells so less aromatase so 0.25 mg eod IMO should be fine..


looks fine


Day 5:
I've noticed a significant increase in appetite, Wow. Guessing its the Dbols!
I've also gained 6lbs apon waking up and taking the longest leak of my life. Just heading out now for Chest/Tri's


Probably wants to cut his liver a break... seems like a good idea to me...


Start Adex day 1 and taper it into pct. Personally I would not do a second round of oral. 4 weeks of Dbol is sufficient and much nicer to your liver.


wont bridging be a better idea to keep strength up during teh two weeks to PCT ie week 13-14 ?


dude masstadon keep your progress posted here im really curious about how it goes cause yours looks very similar to my next cycle.. all the best man..


Start pct week 15


I'm still undecided on the Dbols for weeks 8-10. The only reason I'm starting Arimidex Week 2 is because my guy didn't have it in and had to ship it to me. So that should be here tomorrow or so.


Start your adex as soon as you can. It is your choice how you run your Dbol. Just remember it's tough on the liver and you only get one. Using it as a kickstart is very common. It gets your cycle going before the Test is fully active in your system. There really is no need for it at the end except maybe for a last push. Being your first cycle I'd go the safe route though. Also as BUDs said above PCT will start week 15 with weeks 13-14 being the two weeks the test is still active after last pin.


IMO running the cycle, even part without an AI is a bad idea. If you haven't started this cycle (you said tomorrow in your intro). I would wait. Another few days to get your AI won't do any harm.

Nevermind, just saw the original post date. Get on an AI right away.


oh appetite increases with dbol ! i dint know that.. should have used dbol.. dint have my appetite go up real big until 4th or 5th week.. keep it coming man...


So day 1 of week 2 update:
My Arimidex arrived finally! I'm up 8lbs as of this morning and I'm noticing decent strength increases. Things are going well. Ill have some before and after pics after week 4


Nice. 8 lbs in 7 days lol. Of course almost all water, but good.

Just watch that blood pressure man, gaining that much that quick.


Sweet cycle, nearly identical to what I will be starting in a week. ( waiting for gear). anyways keep the progress posted, will be interesting to see how our progress compares.




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