1st Cycle - Test Cyp/Winstrol-V - Advices?


30 years old

5 foot 10

195 - 200 pounds

Bf: 9-10%

been training for 13 years.

hit the gym 5x/week

First cycle:

week 1- 10: test cyp 400 mg/week

week 5 - 10: Winstrol-V: 50 mg EOD

Week 3 to 10 : HCG 250 UI 2x/week


week 12 - 15 (28days): Nolvadex 20 mg / d

week 16 - 17 (14days): Nolvadex 10 mg / d

Week 18 - 19 (14days) : Nolvadex 10 mg EOD

I got letrozole on hand.

I could use Nolvadex 10 mg on cycle, as Shadow-Pro seems to suggest in his different posts. (could be good for blood lipid, but not for IGF-1)

But KSman do not recommend use of both HCG and SERM during a cycle (overstimulation of the testes)

Should I go for Novaldex on cycle and drop the HCG then PCT with Novaldex?

I was not planning to use an AI on cycle, because the amount of test cyp I plan to use isn’t very high and I have low bf.

Just for people to know, test cyp half life isn’t 12 days as I saw on this site. It is +/- 8 days.

So, what do you guys think of my cycle? Any advice?

I was just browsing through posts I havent read and came across this…

Thought it was quite ironic how a post like this with at least some research done had no replies and yet some idiots were getting our full attention! lol.

So hope its not too late…

Cycle looks OK but a few improvements could be made…

  • Up HCG to 3x per week (HCG half life is very short)
  • I would use an AI like Adex from the start on cycle to combat estrogen, not a SERM. I personally use it no matter how low the dose. I am currently cruising on 250mg Test E per week and am using 0.5mg eod. I would also use this dose for anything up to 500mg of Test per week.
  • I would up the dose to 500mg, no reason to stop short at 400mg… Just seems abit of a waste of jabbing to me! Most good first cycles use 500mg.
  • PCT looks good.
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