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1st cycle Test C+EQ 16 weeks during ACL recovery


Sup, I'm getting my acl repaired (actually ACL and LCL) in about a month and was planning on going on a test+eq cycle and work on my upper body for a while and catch up (always been a strong legged guy but my upper body was lagging).

Personal stats:
320lbs on creatine, 305 without. (water retention)

Cycle should be:
Weeks 1-16 eq 600mg
Weeks 1-16 Test C 500mg e5d
Post cycle: back on TRT

Quick questions about the cycle: I'm a big guy (kind of offensive lineman type) so are the doses OK for a first real cycle (ive done test e 250mg a week in the past) or are they too high. I heard anything under 600 of eq is somewhat of a waste. Also is the cycle too long for a first timer? Again im a big dude so take that into account.

Some things to point out priorly:

I'm on a Test C only cycle right now, 500mg e5d i'm on my 3rd week just barely starting to notice the effects. I will lower to about 500mg e10d come surgery time until about a week after, then get back on my current dose when I can get back in the gym and do seated exercises. I'm also on TRT so I won't be needing PCT.

I don't wanna have some crazy levels of test going into the operating room (esp. considering it's supposed to lower collagen synthesis by about 50%) so around what time should I go on the lower maintenance dose before surgery, considering it takes a while for levels to taper down?

Doc says after a week I can be back in the gym doing certain lifts so I'm guessing a week after surgery I'll be back to regular Test C dose. For the time being I'm on the full dose to get every last bit of juice (no pun) out of it until surgery time.

Now on to the eq:
I was thinking of starting to take this stuff soon since it supposedly takes around 8 weeks to start working. It also supposedly increases collagen synthesis which is desirable for my ACL situation. If i can that increase in collagen synthesis before going under the knife that would be a good thing.

You guys think I should go ahead and start taking the eq, build my blood levels and about a month after the surgery it'll be in full effect?
Or should I wait after the surgery to go on it and why.

I wanna harden up on it and strengthen tendons, and increase some strength, not really looking for huge gains especially since I don't wanna put extra weight on my knee therefore I feel eq is the perfect choice.

Anythign else I might wanna know about the eq?

About my workout routine there are certain exercises I'm not sure I'll be able to do right away although I'm gonna consult with the doc first obviously. There's standing BB shrugs, standing curls, 1 arm rows, etc. I guess I'll post that in the workouts section.

Thx for the replies in advance.


Jesus Christ dude, 320 lbs??? I realize you're doing TRT, but I would think you'd wanna drop some (shitload) of fat before doing a 'real cycle'. I'm just guessing you're fat because I really don't know any 300+ lb people who aren't fat.

I'd get through the surgery, drop some weight, then revisit the idea. But I'm sure there are others here who wouldn't...


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Eq increases collagen synthesis, just an FYI... if you are worried about recovering from surgery, I know guys who use HGH for a few months prior to and after surgery, or immediately following an injury, and it really seems to help them heal.

I also know people who have used eq to help in healing and they liked it.


Do you really know so little about AS that you would actually advocate it's use in somebody who's cholesterol and BP is probably already through the roof? Given what he's laid out already I don't think he's a competitive power lifter either. Nobody here is going to be in favor of fatties doing cycles. You need to spend more time researching and less time lurking/trolling/trying to get my attention. Take your two troll posts and GTFO T-Nation already.


Let's not overlook the fact too that he already knows he's going to have at least a week off immediately following the surgery and won't know what exercises he'll even be able to do upon returning to the gym. Sounds like he'll be fairly limited- and not just for legs. Follow his other thread and what others are commenting.


Hey Ziggajay

 In the nicest way possible, i feel toby queef is right.  You should do a little bit more research berfor you delve into extreme hormone manipulation.  If you dont have a strong knowledge base about what your doing, and i only assume this by the questions youre asking.  When it comes to pharamaceutical grade supplements

you need to really educate yourself and stop listening to gym rats that think they know what they are talking about. For example, who ever told you that anything less than 600 mg eq was a waste is a complete moron. First of all anybody who knows anything will tell you if the supplements are real (and dosed correctly) first time responders can go far on 1-200 mg a week of anything especially if the persons receptors are right for the brand. receptors are located in the nucleus of the cell and determine what the substance actually does for the body fyi.... anyways if you really are serious ill help you with what ever i can just hit me up im a science major (pre med/bodybuilder)


Hey vigorousfrank,

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I would wait for the following reasons:

Many use EQ to bulk, as it stimulates appetite... you said you didn't want the extra weight on your ACL.
You'll have some time off from the gym, and it'd sort of be a "waste" of a cycle since you won't be able to train 100%.
Do a little bit more research. Your suggestions for shooting E5D and even E10D show you don't know how to optimally use the drugs. Using your AAS in the best way possible will yield better results than merely 'using them', obviously.

What I would do is this:

Go down to your doctor prescribed TRT dose for the surgery and leave it there until you can train legs with SOME intensity and then start your cycle. (Well, your new and improved one, :slightly_smiling: ) If you want to add more size to your upper body, there's no reason to just prioritize your upper body, rather than wait until you can't train legs. Otherwise you'll look the opposite of how you do now LOL


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