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1st Cycle. Tell Me How Much Nolva?

im just about to start my 1st cycle…im going to start with 500 test e for 10 weeks …i have nolvadex for pct…can anyone tell me h

Two schools of thought.

  1. Four weeks with decreasing doses, like 40/40/20/20
  2. Six weeks at lower doses like 20/20/20/10/10/10

#2 seems to be gaining popularity on other forums, but I don’t know when that began. Most pct protocols say four weeks as outlined above. It’s a tried and true formula, so I tend to think that reinventing the wheel is not a great use of anyone’s time.

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is that 40 mg a day for 1st 2 weeks then 20 a day for remainder

Yes, correct.

whats your thoughts on cardio as well as your workout …is there any downfalls to doing cardio

No. Not a single downside. Cardio is great for you.

cheers pal …looking fwd to cycle…start tuesday

seems another daft question but everyday is school in my eyes …with the cycle of test e does this cause water retention ???

There will be some water retention, yes. A lot depends on diet, your e2 levels throughout a cycle, etc. It’s part of the package.

5 weeks into cycle …feeling gr8 and no sides whatsoever …however its still.early days …well half way into 10 week cycle …was wondering do i have to come off cycle for pct or can i just keep going as long as my dose is kept low …

You either have to attempt to come off, and restart your own natural test levels.

OR you are asking about a “blast and cruise” which essentially is life long TRT, with blasts every so many months.

so is cruising just stayin at low dose and blast upping the dose …feel like a dafty asking

Basically Yes. It would look something like this.

100-200mg a week is your cruise dose, you always take this.

and 500 (or whatever) is your blast dose done for 8 weeks, then take time off and back to cruise dose.

There are a few veteran BnC guys on here.

thanks for the info m8 .

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Brian7530 - how old are you?

When talking about blast and cruise, you need to understand that this is essentially a life long commitment, may affect your ability to have children, and could permanently impact the hormone balance in your body. Comming off TRT or long cycles is apparently a bitch, and your body may not fully recover to previous levels. Most who go this route have been cycling steroids for a decade or longer, or are 40+ years old.

I’m not an expert, but from what I hear, you should consider TRT / BnC to be a one way ticket and understand all the risks.

im 44 mate …had my kids and not looking to have any more …just gonna finish 10 week cycle and do the pct then cycle again …a friend keeps saying on 2nd cycle to add anavar with the test…not gonna jump into anything without getting a 2nd opinion or reading up on it …

has anyone had any dealings with test blend

2 weeks since last pin of test e…500 pw…starting to feel a few mild aches in the morning in my joints …is this normal …was thinking of jumping bk on and cruising at lower dose of test e …any info would be appretiated

High test can reduce collagen synthesis. I usually get this as well on my blasts. Low E2 will make it worse, are you running an AI? If not its probably just from the test.

iv just started taking arimadex .5 eod