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1st Cycle, Sustanon Only. Am I GTG? Any Advice?

Hello Pharma Forum,

I am beginning my first cycle tonight Sustanon only. I have been training for over 6 years and I am 24 years old next month. I am 170lbs and I will be cutting over this cycle, however nothing too aggressive. My question is, does my cycle look okay? I was unable to get HCG so that is not an option nor was I able to get a AI such as Arimidex incase I need it during cycle. I have some extra Nolvadex on hand just incase of any signs of Gyno. However, I do understand a AI would be better than a SERM. Any opinions or am I gtg? I plan on pinning Tuesday and Fridays.

My cycle goes as follows:

Week 1 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 2 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 3 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 4 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 5 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 6 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 7 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 8 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 9 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 10 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 11 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 12 Sustanon – 500mg

Week 13 – BREAK

Week 14 – BREAK

Week 15 - BREAK

Week 16 – PCT ED 100mg Clomid / 40mg Nolva

Week 16 – PCT ED 100mg Clomid / 40mg Nolva

Week 16 – PCT ED 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva

Week 16 – PCT ED 50mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva

Also, has anybody ever done a Sustanon only cycle and know what to expect?

Thanks guys


Take out the Clomid, it would be redundant.

Any particular reason you chose Sust over Test E or C?

How tall are you and what’s your bodyfat %? 170 lbs seems very light to be taking a steroid cycle to help cut.

Also, how long have you been training and what’s your diet like?

Are you 5’5”?

Why? You can do that with 0mg/w of Sustanon. You can do it right now with your diet, no drugs, no side effects, nothing. Using steroids to cut is kind of dumb for like 90% of the people out there. Competitive lifters and/or bodybuilders need to do that. But 170lb 24 year olds generally don’t. You won’t lose much muscle if you’re cutting in a reasonable deficit.

Test cycles are designed to build muscle. You’re wasting your first cycle doing something that can be done for free.


Thanks for the advice on taking out Clomid. As I have thought of maybe doing that.

Sust is what I could get at the time. I understand what it is and know its just blends of esterified testosterone.

I am not doing a cycle to help me cut, it is to put on LBM. I understand that it is diet that will determine the success of this quote. Like I said I am already lean.

And as I said in my post I have been going to the gym for over 6 years.

Again, thanks for the advice on PCT.

Hi Yuppie,

I am not 5’5, there is no need to be condescending.

I am looking to do this cycle to put on LBM. As I said I am already particularly lean and would like to lean up a slight bit more whilst adding some muscle.

So how tall are you? @iron_yuppie’s point is valid. If you’ve been training for over 6 years and are having troulble getting to a decent weight maybe there’s something we could address with regard to your training and/or diet. You have to admit that 170 is a little on the light side to be considering a cycle if you’re not 5’3" or extremely lean already. Since you mentioned the desire to cut while on cycle we have to assume that you’re not extremely lean…
Despite how if may feel at the moment, we really want to give you input that will lead to you having the greatest chance of success but all to often we see folks that think adding anabolics to a dumpster fire of poor training and nutrition as some sort of solution when it’s not.

Hi Yubs,

Thanks for your input. I may aswell just be completely straight so.

I am 6 foot tall. Im actually only about 75kg morning weight. I am not skinny by any means and get complimented on my shape quiet abit. I do have small wrists and bone structure but people normally do not believe I am 75kg. I do have fat on my abs which I want to get rid of for a holiday in 12 weeks time, I am planning on going on a 10 day vacation before starting PCT.

To be honest, I bought this cycle over a year and a half ago and decided not to use it for the very same reasons you guys are saying. I actually bought Deca to go along with it (which I decided that I definitely won’t be using).

So basically I was going to throw away all this shit and just take a loss and consider it a waste of money. However, I do see this to be a perfect time to do a Sust only cycle before the shit expires in 2021. I can take the loss on the Deca and Clomid I bought. But why not train the hardest I can and eat in a slight deficit for 12 weeks while doing this Sust only cycle and look the best I can for this holiday with my girlfriend.

I have been going to the gym over a 6 year period. I started skinny as shit around 59kg 6 feet when I was 18 years old. I probably wasn’t training optimally and I understand that you guys expect me to be much heavier than this, but I have stayed reasonable lean and I am happy with my results so far. My goal is not to be crazy huge, but I do want to look good. Which I understand is attainable naturally and I feel I already do look good. I just think since I have the stuff and a test only is the recommended 1st cycle it shouldn’t be much harm.

Do you still think I should just leave it off and not do it?

Thanks in advance,


You’re tall and skinny. It’s fine man. Nobody would have thought less of you if you’d said that. You say you’ve got some muscle and we have no reason to doubt that. But you also said you were cutting on this cycle, so based on that I gave you an answer.

Now if your goal is LBM then it’s a whole different game. So what is your ideal outcome for this cycle? Let’s work backwards from there. How much weight do you want to put on, what bf do you want to end up at, what’s current bf, current macros and maintenance, etc?

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Okay, and I apologise if I came off defensive.

My ideal outcome for the end of these 12 weeks would be for me to have visible abs by dropping bf% whilst maintaining any muscle I have + adding 5-10lbs more.

My current bodyfat% would be between 12-14%, most on my core area and lower back. I have lean arms and upper back and shoulders. My goal bodyfat % would be 8-10%.

My current macros which I have made out and been following since yesterday are as follows:

165 Protein
316 Carbs
49.5 Fat

2371 calories

My maintenance calories is 2871

Thanks in advance,


Good, now where at a point where we can make some progress.
I’ll return your honesty and say this; I am not a proponent of the idea that testosterone (or AAS in general) should be considered as a decent choice for what you’re trying to do. Essentially what you’re after is you want to look good with your shirt off while on the beach. You are already on the thin side with visable abs so my guess is that you don’t look bad per se but who wouldn’t like to look just a little better? I get it. You’re looking to do a recomp which for a beginner is not easy to do. I would much rather see you save the gear (it’s not going to go bad unless you have it stored improperly) for later and simply follow the diet and training plan you already have. As a matter of fact, why are you following that diet and training now? In twelve weeks it would be reasonable for you to loose 10-12 pounds which I bet is more than enough to give you the pop you’re looking for. Keep your protein intake up to prevent excessive muscle loss and I thnk you’ll be happy.
I don’t think the risk to benefit ratio warrants you using gear just to look good on vacation. Come back to us when you want to pack on muscle and aren’t as concerned with abs and then we can talk.

Thanks for the advice. I am using the vacation as an end goal and something to work towards. This is not the pinnacle of why I go to the gym and train. It is just my motivation, which I think is reasonable.

Blockquote Come back to us when you want to pack on muscle and aren’t as concerned with abs and then we can talk.


I do want to pack on muscle, I am just being realistic. Which if I said I want to pack on muscle for this cycle you would be quick to say I am looking for a quick fix. I think determining that I am only interested in doing this for abs is undermining my post. I plan on training for as long as I can and I think asking for advice on doing a recomp and on the structure of my cycle is rational.

I will be starting this cycle tonight without the clomid. I appreciate any advice.


No sir,
If you came here and said you wanted to pack on muscle and weren’t concerned with a little extra weight then I would have said drop the cloimd in you PCT and have fun…
It’s only when you presented what I consider to be conflicting goals that I started asking questions.

Thanks Yubs,

I do not question your knowledge as I imagine its quite vast since you are a member since 06. I do find even by reading steroid forums online that there is alot of conflicting information though.


Maybe more protein, fewer carbs? I don’t know how your body works vs someone like mine. If I want to lean out (lol) I cut carbs because otherwise it’s a struggle. I gained weight last night because I saw an Instagram post of someone’s pasta they had for dinner. But that’s me.

There is a study out there, and sorry I can’t find it right this moment, but it was interesting. Basically they measured fat loss in subjects who exercised but ate at maintenance. The only difference was in the macro breakdown. The group that ate more protein than usually needed for an active adult (do not remember how they defined the parameters) lost fat while still at maintenance. The extra protein acted as almost a deficit vs the group with the more traditionally balanced macros. It was like having a 200-500 calorie deficit without actually being in deficit.

So what I’m saying is try getting more protein and dialing down the carbs. Maybe that works for you. We have a guy on here who’s a serious, accomplished power lifter with insanely low bf and he eats more carbs than I thought possible for someone with his physique. Everyone is a little different. So find a balance that works for you through trial and error.

Thanks very much I will. Yesterday I reached my calorie goal but was short on Carbs by about 100g or so. So this is positive for me.

Do you guys believe in refeed days / cheat meals?

Yes, somewhat.
I believe they are useful for folks who are on severely restricted diets (i.e. folks that are prepping for competition) because they show the body that it’s not actually starving and keep a metabolism that otherwise wants to slow down when it’s faced with fewer and fewer calories, running a little faster. John Meadows has a youtube video that probably explains the principle better than I can.

For folks on a simple diet I’m not as big of a fan. All to often these cheat meals turn into all night ice cream parties or excuses to stuff their faces.

What I’m a bigger fan of is the simple 90% rule which simply translates into making sure you eat right 90% of the time. If you’re tracking macros or calories or however you do it try to eat right 90% of the time. If you want a cookie, have one…you don’t need to eat 10…one or two fine. Unless you make a living by having single digit body fat, or are competing and need to make a weight class then who is the world want to go through life depriving themselves of something they like just to see 6 abs instead of 4?

Okay thanks Yubs, in that case there is no need for me to do these.

Only slight Pip on my right glute today, nothing major.

My only concern now is hoping that this Sustabol 350 BD isn’t bunk. Who and when will I know whether or not its what it says on the tin?

thanks in advance.

Diet in whatever fashion works best for you since the only diets that work are the ones that you’ll stict to.
I’m not familiar with the particular blend you’re working with (and I won’t research it from work) but I suspect you have a bit of fast acting Prop in there somewhere which you should feel fairly quickly. Without an actual test kit you’ll never truely know that the gear is actually what it claims to be. I know the manufacturer of the product has a fairly decent reputation so you shouldhave a fair level of trust that it is what it claims to be.