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1st Cycle, Start w/ Anadrol?

Please dont travel through the forum and out my computer screen and kick my ass for asking stupid questions … but here it goes …

I just received my package of Anadrol.

I have Winny and Clen coming.

Would it be ok or dumb to take the Anadrol by itself and finish up with the Winny and Clen, in a week or so …

No I cant do injectables right now due to the wife hovering over me like a fly on shit. So I have to make due with what I can get.


I’ll make a more complete post later, but no this is not a good idea. You really shouldn’t be messing with A-bombs your first time out.

You can do injectables, you just don’t want to put the effort into being discreet. Your wife will know either way, healthier to just tell her straight up.

The first time I used, I was injecting in my gym washroom, and keeping the sharps in a puncture-proof container in my gym locker. There was no point in hiding it, everyone knew in the end.

thanks man … lol … if you knew my wife … you would understand haha, she is related to satan …

i am going to to eq. winny and clen … and followup with clomid … small doses …see how it goes …

Before you do anything anything stupid (not trying to be rude, but you seem intent on putting things in your body you know nothing about), you might want to post your stats, health status, dosing protocol for the compounds, and get comprehensive bloodwork done.