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1st Cycle (Sigh) No BS


I've been a member here for a few years now. I posted a couple years ago and was convinced to stay natural for a bit longer (Thank you btw). I am now 21 years old and have been training since the begining of JR. year of high school. I am now in my JR year of college and considering/preparing for AAs use. I chose to use this forum as my source of knowledge and critique because of the respect I have for many of the members; who are concerned with the success and safety of others.

So here it goes.

BW: 207lbs
BF%: 11-12%
Age: 21
Training: 5-6 yrs
Diet: Clean- Tuna, eggs, steak, turkey, yams, oatmeal, almonds, whey, ect. Y'all know the drill here Summer: 2000 KCal Winter: 3300 KCal

Bench: 275 reps
Dead: 495 reps
Squat: 365 reps

Weeks 1-12: Test-E @ 400mg/wk (tues and thurs)
Nolva PCT 40/40/20/20 starting 2 wks after last injection
Adex (on hand: i don't plan on using it because I'm looking into prov. which leads me to...

I'm considering adding Prov. @ 50mg-75mgED to help with Water retention

Otherwise I could just drop the prov and add adex @ .25mg EOD

I'm also considering a fronload of the Test-E but I wanna hear what people think about the frontload method and if its worth it for a 1st cycle?

REASONING: I chose this cycle because its simple, therefore I can assess my tolerance to test. I chose test-E because of its popularity and avalibility. I chose nolva, and Adex for their avalibility. Nolva 40/40/20/20 because that is standard PCT. I chose prov becasue of its ability to bind to aromatase enzyme; thereby helping reduce sides (gyno and water)- and test is obviously an aromatizable steroid.

Please let me know what y'all think


You bench 275 naturally?




Dont hate cause he's got a strong bench and weak squats....J/K

I would space the inject days out to mon/thurs. Proviron at 50mg ED is good. Definitely keep the ADex around. 0.25mg ED is perfect to start it at. You may not even need it at 400mg of test per week. But you may have to go higher than 0.25mg. Be sure to post up and tell us how its going.

As far as the front load. I don't recommend it, but others swear by it.


I would start without front loading, you can try it on your next cycle to see if there's a difference. I don't think it works other than you will feel the "kick" better, not earlier..

And what's so strange about him benching 275 natural? I don't get you.


I think its because his body weight is at 207lbs. If thats his 1R Max I would say thats a little low too...only like 70lbs more than his body weight. BUT everyone has room for improvemnt, and weak areas.

Good luck op.


FRONT: http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/8186/img02711.jpg

LEG: http://yfrog.com/ncimg145sj

LEG: http://yfrog.com/jdimg148lj

FRONT: http://yfrog.com/50img0381zj

FRONT: http://yfrog.com/50img0381zj

BACK: http://yfrog.com/m9img385oj


Good lookin back, how tall are you?


Fuck, nice back. Id bring up the traps, and wheels with this cycle. You have a great foundation IMO.


5' 10'' if ya wanna get picky 5'10'' 3/4ths


I hope this is a joke.


Good luck. My only recommendation would be to cut the cycle to 8 weeks and fronload the T. 12 weeks is just a long time and it is harder to recover from than 8 weeks

And proviron is not something you want to rely on for estrogen control. when you have more experience you can make a choice like that but for now it makes sense to stick with an actual AI.


Thank you Bone, this was the input I was looking for


I made the most gains off my 12 week cycle (1st cycle) within the first 6-8 weeks. About 22lbs or so. I also took the vet's advise and frontloaded the test e.

From now on I dont think Ill be running anything over 6 weeks. Maybe 8.

If you're unsure how much to frontload there's many threads here on it. Otherwise just ask on of us, its not hard.


Heres a good thread about frontloading:



If you dont mind me asking why adex?? Why not use aromasin and some nolva for your lipids?? Adex is harsh and wrecks your cholesterol...

If it where me i would do this......
12 weeks of test e 400mg 3x per week (your skin will thank you)
12 weeks proviron @ 50mg ED
12 weeks 12.5mg aromasin and 10mg of nolva ED

But thats just me..... :wink:


Adex is harsh? Unless you're an over-responder, I would argue that it is the exact opposite.


It's your first cycle, so stick to the basics. test and an AI (adex) should be your first choice. forget about proviron for now. see how your body reacts then experiment.

When you start your cycle, you should keep in mind to raise your calories. adjust every week to support the weight gained on cycle.

P.S. since you are going to be on cycle, try to concentrate more on your legs

good luck,
keep us updated