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1st Cycle..???'s


im doing my first cycle im turning 17 i kno about the bullshit about my age anyway i started dbols i have about 120 im taking a day an 5 on off days and im taking 200 equipoise and 400 cypionate....should i continue like this or can someone write out a nice cycle for me looking to put on mass and strength but stay a little cut at the same time...ive been working out for 3 years and im already pretty big for my age ..need advice on the program i dont need som1 telling me what i should or should not being doing at my age ...my brother is a professional body builder just lookin for some 2nd opinions on the cycle help please...FOOTBALL SEASON IS 6 months away!


i seriously hope this is a joke.......


Me too, but I'm waiting for the punchline...


Since your 17 you can appreciate this.

If your 11 year old brother approached you and asked how to properly drive a car. Would you teach him?
Even though he was big enough to reach the pedals and could look over the steering wheel, would you write him instructions on how to drive knowing full well that he could and most definately hurt himself?

I do not believe you will find your answers here.



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If your brother is a ProBB than why not ask him?


Don?t listen to these idiots as they don?t know what they are talking about. There just haters, with a capital H. I feel ya bra as for I to just register two days ago, knowing whats good for me. Seems to me your brother knows his shit.

Just a few tweaks to your cycle:

Day 1: Front load the Dbols at 200 mgs this is to only ensure that in the next five days the dbol is in your system. For training days to come.

Day 2: 30 mgs dbol, 200 cyp

Day 3: 30 mgs dbol, 200 cyp

Day 4: 30 mgs dbol, if you can get some take one shot of slin in the afternoon. Right before training.

Day 5: 30 mgs dbol, One shot of equipoise, save this shot for the last one because of the fast acting ester. Day 5 is always my best training day.

Five days off
Repeat, until you cant have kids, that?s my motto. DAMN RIGHT

With this cycle you don?t have to worry about coming off, because of the equipoise. I could throw some fancy words in, to back up my claim but trust me I know what I am talking about. I too am a professional bodybuilder, and once in the NFL I could throw a ball a quarter mile.

Disclaimer to anyone that might be over the age of 17, and with more then three years training. Please do not try this because this cycle is laid out for a more advanced user as he seems to be.



I can't tell if this is a joke either.


Definetly is. Check is past posts, nothing silly like this.


""I can't tell if this is a joke either.""

It's gotta be. They don't throw footballs in Switzerland.

This dude I went to high school with did major roids when he was 16 or 17 and he could have kicked any of our asses... now he is just a short bald bitch! haha.


There once was a man from Nantucket...


It was a joke.
Its not me so I really can care less if he fucks himself up.


Enjoy ur life by fucking it up, great idea. You are a moron.


do no less than 2 grams of test and stack it with at least 200mg anadrol/day and 750mg of deca and EQ every 5 day's oh and don't forget the GH and winstrol tabs can't wait to see your kid's if you can ever have any.


Why even encourage these young kids by telling them what to take and how to take it.

To the starter of this thread, you're an idiot to think you need steroids to get you through sports.

Just fucking lift!



Where did you get your avatar.



Yes this post is stupid, but your a dumbass for trying to give him AAS direction.

If you don't care if he fucks himself up, get the fuck outta here!

Don't play that bullshit game here.



Agreed jw. I got to sink it to the hair line on this one.This guy is a prime example as to why the bushido wrote the TORN:dealing with stupidity thread. This is horse shit.



ask your brother.


Yes prime example, My crimson friend.