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1st Cycle Research, Double Checking My Homework


Hello all, I know there are tons of "this is my first cycle posts" so hopefully this doesn't get lost into the mix of posts. I've done some extensive research for what I want on my first cycle and I'd just another set of more experienced eyes to confirm that I'm not missing anything.


32 yrs old

Here is my plotted first cycle:

Week 1-10 Test E, Tues/Fri 250mg

Week 2-12 0.25mg EOD arimidex (adjusted depending on bloods mid-cycle)

Week 13-16 - Nolva 40/40/20/20

Blood schedule:
1 week before start (pre-cycle)
6 weeks in (mid-cycle)
12 weeks in (end-cycle)
13 weeks in (starting PCT)
16 weeks in (ending PCT)
24 weeks in (check up)

Beyond any general glaring issues with my routine, I do have a question:

After the pre-cycle blood work if T levels are considered on the low end (I am over 30), would a TRT regiment be recommended prior to starting ? Or would waiting until the cycle is over (checking post-cycle bloods) make more sense?


It would make sense to start eating and working out first. If you’re 5’9, 150, I doubt you do either.

And your pct is not good.


Can you elaborate on what is bad about my PCT ?


Looks good. You certainty don’t NEED gear at your weight, but you’ll make some solid gains.

I would run Nolva at 20/20/20/20. With such frequent bloods, I would use aromasin instead of adex as it’s easier to adjust the dosage with aromasin and it can be ran in pct if need be.