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1st Cycle. Questions Re: Steroids for Powerlifting


Hey all, my name is Dave. I'm 22 years old, and have been training for the last 6 years (with the exception of 5 months of a cardio focus when I was 18 for a month long mountaineering trip, this has been exclusively weight training). For the last two years I have been very focused on powerlifting. Current stats below, nothing special, and this is why I am considering AAS:

Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 215
BF: Low (don't know percentage but I've been around lifting for a few years and I would guess based on comparison to other I'm sitting around 10%).
Bench: 305
DL: 445
Sq: 365 (Focus is on this currently)

Currently 4400cal ED
280g protein (with AT LEAST 70% from food sources not powders)
500g carb
100g fat

Supps: Multi-V ED, ZMA ED,
Protein shake 1 hour pre-WO
5g Creatine, 5g Glutamine, 300 carbs (from sugar), some salt during WO
5g Glutamine, Protein shake post-WO

When on, my diet will increase to:
5500cal ED
350-400g protein (I'll start at the high end and see how the digestion goes. I'll gradually increase this leading up to going on so that I don't shock my system)
600g carb
120g fat (I respond better to carbs, and since the Test is coming from an exogenous source I don't feel the need to increase fat to attempt to increase endogenous test)

All diets mostly clean, staples include all form of meat, sprouted grain bread (great stuff, try it!), whole wheat pastas, olive oil). I don't sweat the condiments, so I say "mostly" clean.

I have no AAS experience. My goals for this cycle are size and strength gain. Because of my chosen sport, strength is paramount, but I'd also like to fill out, up to 230 (I believe a 15lb weight gain would be achievable, although I would be happy with even 10), so I could lift in the 100kg weight class with a cut.

Let me also note that I will not and would not consider lifting in a drug tested organization. I have a ton of respect for those that train and lift naturally and have absolutely no desire to try to beat them through going around the rules.

Training program will be 5/3/1. Based on how my recovery to workouts I respond to the test, I may up the volume of accessory work, or add two big sets instead of the normal one. I will be working out 4 times/week.

As further background, I have been researching AAS since I was 20. I've read Chemical Muscle Enhancement and Anabolics 2005 and 2009 (admittedly not cover to cover, I did not read up on insulin, hgh, or other drugs that I knew I would not stack), as well as many e-books, forum posts here, Cy Wilson's articles, Berardi's Steroid manifesto etc. I am NOT professing to be an expert, just to give some background on what I have covered.

My proposal:

10 Week straight Testosterone Enanthate Cycle (question on adding something like injectable winny for additional LBM gains later though)

W 1-10 Test E. 250mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex .5mg EOD (.25mg/d last week)

As far as dosing on the ADex, I've read that it typically removes ~50% of estrogen @ a dose of .5mg/day. I've also seen .25mg/day recommended. I am interested in size, and I know that estrogen can aid in pure weight gain (not addressing if that is lean or not), but lean weight gain is more important to me than straight size. So instead of the "usual" .25mg/d, I'm leaning towards .5mg/day. Commentary on this would be appreciated though!

At this dose and my age, would you recommend running HCG (From my reading, I'd run it week 1-12 as with the ADex @250iu EOD to maintain baseline testes function - I know that this can't hurt, but I don't know (as I don't have experience yet) whether the cost of this additional drug is worth it - I'm not rich).

Would anyone recommend throwing in some injectable Winny (or similar compound) for additional strength and LBM gains given my goals? (let's say 50mg EOD). In my first cycle, I don't relish the idea of having to inject that often to be honest, but I don't want to limit potential due to being a pu**y. Again, I'm not flush for cash, and based on my reading I think that 500mg/w of test should be a good "intro".

Re- Ancillaries and PCT:

Nolvadex on hand for Gyno and I will use it for PCT (more on this in a second). However, how much would be recommended to have "on hand". I've read that a 5 day course to slap the estro fairy down is normal @ a dose of 40mg/d (although I've also seen 20mg/d). It seems to me that keeping a 20 day supply just for gyno purposes would seem to be reasonable, so should I plan to have 40mg*20days (800mg)? Is that overkill or underdosing?

I'd like to keep my PCT simple (as with the whole cycle, as you can probably tell), and so I was thinking:
W 11 Nolva 40mg/d
W 12-14 Nolva 20mg/d

I don't think I'll bother with trib unless needed.

While this is probably not realistic, I hope I've covered all my bases! In summary, does my adex dosing sound reasonable, winny or not, hcg or not, how much nolva on hand?

In advance, thanks to all. I've already read quite a bit of what all of you have posted and I really appreciate what an amazing resource you all are. Thanks!


you probably would want to front load the test 1 gram the first week


PCT starts week 13 not week 11. you need to give the test time to clear.

Yes to hcg.


@ G.I. Joe, good point. By week 11 I was meaning a week after the last injection, so that would actually be week 12 I realize now (my thinking was based off a week long half-life) but now I realize it makes more sense to wait to weeks as you mentioned. Thanks