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1st Cycle Questions and Advice Needed


I am about to embark on my first cycle, I am 31 years old 5'11 230lbs. I have been training again for about the last 5 months. My goal for this cycle is to reduce my body fat and gain strength and add lean mass. For my 1st cycle I was planning on the following regimen.

Weeks 1-10: 500 mg GP Test Enath 250 (1 ml 2x/week)
Weeks 1-10: 400 mg GP Tren Enath 200 ( 1 ml 2x/week)
Weeks 5-10: 50 mg GP Oxan per day
Weeks 1-13: 0.5 mg GP Anastrozole per day

Any comments or recommendations or advice would be much obliged!


dude, just run that test dose for your first cycle.


don't use tren on your first cycle.


Why does everyone want to run tren their first cycle?


yup, just run the test! 400-500 mg a week is a good first cycle imo. You might dry up running adex at .5 mg every day. .5 eod is a good starting point. Some may need more, some less, but I would not start that high. If you must be aggressive (that is what I am getting from you with the tren part), then maybe extend it to 12 weeks instead of 10. Test E takes a good 6 weeks for me before I really start to notice it so I have found that I like 12 week cycles better than 10.


As has already been mentioned, Tren is not a good idea for a first cycle.

Why you may ask?

A shit load of side effects that are notoriously inconsistent on how they affect each user. You may be immune (doubtful), you may just be sleepless, or you may be a lactating rage fueled motherfucker. It is steroid roulette, you won't know until you try. Plus you are choosing enanthate so if the sides hit you bad you are going to have to ride the tren train for a while even if you stop injecting immediately. Say a week for the enanthate to really start working then you have another week before it clears if you stop right then. You probably will try and ride it out though so you will have a few weeks of hell before you stop. Your choice, but not recommended. At least get some caber or prami if you can't get caber. Don't be the pitiful fool posting about having leaky nipples. Unless you are into that, like Caitlyn.

Nothing wrong with the Anavar, not the strongest oral, but mild on the liver and plenty of happy users.

You are big enough to move to 750mg/week test though. 500mg is a generic standard recommendation, but it really should be dosed by weight in my opinion. Also for your first cycle, don't frontload. Let it come on slowly so you can really learn to feel what high test is like. The first week you may notice you are hot, but probably not much in the gym. It is more the third week on when the magic starts happening.

Look into HCG usage, not everyone uses but highly recommended. Also, a good idea to have a serm (clomid) on hand. In general, have all you ancillaries before you start. Get a blood test after four weeks and see what your values are. You might need to adjust your AI up or down, but can't tell without a test.

Everyone wants to surf Mavericks but you have to learn to paddle first. The first cycle is a big learning process. Injecting, diet, managing sides, adjusting your workout, supplements, etc. are all going to be different than without steroids.

Finally, dispose of your biohazard waste properly!! Don't throw pins in the trash.

editing. If you already bought the tren, just set aside. The shelf life is pretty long and you can use it for your second cycle. If you have a good first cycle, you probably will want a second...