1st cycle question

I’ve got a question about this cycle, EQ and Winstrol. My source, who’s on his 8th or so cycle, said I’d want to go 10-12 weeks with 300/wk EQ with a frontload, since it’s long-acting. He also said I wouldn’t need anti-e’s during, and no clomid after. Winstrol was 50/ED for 6 weeks.

After doing my reading here, I’m thinking he’s right about the anti-e’s but that two weeks of clomid starting 2 weeks after I go off EQ would be necessary. Originally, I thought 500/wk for 6 weeks with a frontload would be good since I’d discontinue both at the same time and since EQ’s long-acting it’ld be short enough to avoid suppression but long enough to still get good gains, but then I’m still new at this. I just know that most longer cycles people post here go down like the Hindenburg.

you will stil be suppressed, winstrol is highly suppressive. at least a month of clomid 2 to 3 weeks after last eq shot. do some more reading and disregard your source, sounds like he knows dick.

Equipoise will aromatise, so you will in fact need adex or nolva throughout.
My best advice off the top of my head for your cycle as is with the equipoise and winstrol is:

Winstrol @ 50mg/day for 6 weeks

Equipoise @ 1000 - 1200mg (front included) first week, then run 500-800mg from week 2 to week 3
week 3 to 3.5 run equpoise at 300-400 mg

week 3.5-end of week 6 off

start clomid therapy week 8-11 (or longer if needed)

I also recommend using hcg weekend protocol of 500 i.u. sat,sun. from end of second week to end of 7th week

to use lower doses of eq for longer duration would leave you probably with less gains and for sure deeper suppression

Why taper if I’m gonna be suppressed to some degree anyway?

with a drug that has the half-life of equipoise it is imposible to not taper. I merely gave you a cycle where your eq and winstrol will run out of your system at the same time allowing for recover. The reason the cycle I prescribed was 6 weeks was because:

  1. Winstrol is a 17AA which means liver toxic and should not safely be taken past six weeks

  2. The depth of suppression increases as you go past the 6-8 week range but the gains do not suppstantially continue to increase - thats why you front load - get your gains sooner and go off sooner

speaking of tapering, ordinarly what I have done is to switch from equipoise to primo midcycle which is a great bridging drug because it is the least suppressive AAS

You could also switch to trenbolone acetate which has a short half life and would be out of your system soon after the last shot.

The trick is, if you can’t do a primo bridge, use shorter acting esters at the end of your cycle so that you blood levels of AAS drop quickly and you can get on with recovery -clear?

I’m all for a shorter cycle. I asked about tapering came because I saw that in another 1st cycle that was posted here (Fearmy6pak) he had 10 weeks of test and eq, frontloaded, but didn’t change the dosage. Read more archives, and I’m guessing that since EQ and Test Cyp or Eth both have long half-lives that they can both be used for the same length of time so when I stop my “blood levels of AAS drop quickly and you can get on with recovery.”

With my cycle, winstrol and EQ have different half-lives, so the EQ has to be decreased after the 1st few weeks, right?. So in your opinions (my goal being retainable mass), would I do better to stack them a la Prisoner#22’s cycle, or lose the winstrol and use more EQ for 6 weeks, 500 throughout with a frontload, so that I have it in my system for 8 weeks total? I think I’m trying to ask if the addition of winstrol really worth the decreasing of the EQ?

Also thanks for your advice.

You need to do more research, because you don’t seem to understand even the basis of why you would stack winstrol with equipoise, and I am not even going to get into the rest with you. I am sorry I wasted my time trying to help you.