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1st cycle Question

Hey guys. I have thought to take my first cycle. I am 22 180lbs and fat is 12%. My primary goal is mass gaining. week1: sustanon 500mg week2: sustanon 500mg and deca 400mg week3: sustanon 250mg deca 400mg week4: sustanon 250mg deca 400mg week5: sustanon 250mg and deca 400mg
week6: deca 400mg week7: deca 200mg
what about recovery? clomid & nolva or some other antiestroegen? what about tapering the sus? Selftapering?? All comments are appreciated especially.Thanks

what’s up bro… here’s my $.02: i wouldn’t worry about tapering the sust - it is self tapering (different esters). and i like to keep the test to deca ratio at least 2:1, to avoid deca dick. my suggestion would be to stack 500mg/sust & 200mg/deca for 8 weeks. this is a great first cycle and you should expect some nice mass and strength gains. as for the clomid… if you can afford it, take 50mg eod throughout the 8 wk. cycle, and 50mg/day for 4 weeks post cycle. another alternative would be to load up (like 300mg) the first day after your last shot, and then take 50mg/day for 4 wks post cycle. you should always have nolvadex on hand, just in case, but i doubt that you’ll get gyno from this cycle. don’t take nolva unless you start to show symptoms of gyno. it will hinder your gains by competing for the same receptors your gear is. hope this helps. good luck bro.

I agree with amerikan keep sus. at 2:1 with deca. You will see your best gains with your first cycle. just keep protein very high 1.5-2.0 grams per pound. and work muscle to fatigue. the gear will make your recovery time much better. I would get the clomid before you start and also just cut sus in half for last week of cycle.