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1st Cycle Proposal


1st Cycle Proposal

21 Years old. 247 lbs @ 6â??2. Body fat at approximately 17.5%. Training for 3.5 years. First untested BB contest in September.

Lifts: Bench 355x5 OH Press 245x5 Squat 405x6 DL 535x6
Completed winter bulk at 261lbs @ just shy of 20% BF.

I feel that even with my diet tuned, I have hit a point of rapidly increasing diminishing returns in my training, and this winter I had a lot of unnecessary fat gain for the sake of â??gainsâ?? rather than true muscular gains. I feel that my fat gain got out of control. I began the cut but felt extremely shakey and weak on low carb days. I aborted my cut and am now eating for maintenance at approximately 245lbs with a slight increase in regular cardio.

This proposed cycle draws heavily from the experience Cortes had with his TestP/Tri-Tren/DBol cycle, as he had originally planned to execute it.

To execute a hybrid between a pre-contest and a 're-comp' cycle. I plan to run another much more detail-oriented pre-contest cycle.

My goal is to come in at a 'casual' lean 220lbs, NOTE: NOT 'STAGE WEIGHT' 220lbs

I feel this goal is modest considering my physique and training history.

W 1-8 Test Prop 200mg EoD Approx. 6000mg Total
W1-8 Tren Ace 140mg EoD Approx 4000mg total
W2-5 Dianabol 50mgs ED 1250mg Total
W 1-8 Arimidex .25mg ED 14g Total
W9-13 Nolvadex (dosing undecided)

Duration Compound Dose Weekly Total
W 1-8 Test Prop 200mg EoD 750mg 6000mg 6 Vials
W 1-8 Tren Acetate 140mg EoD 500mg 4000mg 4 Vials
W 2-5 Dianabol 50mg ED 350mg 1250mg (50x25mg)
W 1-8 Arimidex .25mg ED 1.75mg 14mg
W 9-13 Nolvadex TBD TBD TBD

I will pin either ED, or EOD, as recommended. I will draw with a 21g and inject with a 25g x1.5â?? alternating between Glutes, Quads(may omit, depending on pain) and Delts.
1.) Should I pin every day? Or EOD?
2.) Is 40/40/20/20 Proper dosing for Nolvadex?
3.) Is a 1 week delay between last pin and beginning Nolvadex 'correct'
4.) I have access to Tren Acetate and Enanthate, is Acetate better to run with test Prop?

I hope this post found the balance between sufficient details and being too long. Please post any concerns, comments or recommendations, all advice will be thoughtfully considered and is more than welcome!

Also feel free to request more information as needed, pictures are also available.

I plan to keep a detailed log, compete with before and after pictures etc, with the primary purpose of being a guide to people unfamiliar with gear, and hopefully clear up some of the painfully simple threads floating in the Pharma forums.

Thank you for your time,



Good post.

Where was your comp? And how did you place?



I have never competed, I apologize, I see that the way I worded was ambiguous. My first competition (if everything goes according to plan) should be in Vancouver in the fall.

Still looking for input on my Nolva dosing and which Tren esther I should go with!



Since this is your first go with tren I would use tren acetate (if any tren at all).
and nolva should be started 3-4 days after your last shot of test prop.

some people like to pin test prop eod but I certainly prefer ED and IMHO tren ace should be pinned ED.


TY for the advice. After talking to my training partner / BB mentor, I will be pinning ED.

Also, acquired Tren Ace, along with the extra pins to inject ED.

I will commence Nolvadex on the third day after my last pin.


All the compounds have been acquired, with the exception of Arimidex.

My Arimidex will be ready monday, so I will most likely begin my cycle early next week.

I appreciate the help and input so far, I have just two more things to clear up:
1.) is 40/40/20/20 4 week Nolva protocol (fairly standard) a good choice for this cycle? Any objections or alternatives?
2.) I received Dianabol Depot by accident. I had originally planned to take 50mg oral DBol pre-workout, is there any reason no to just inject the DBol with the Tren and Test? ( I plan to pin first thing in the morning).



  1. Yes

  2. You shouldn't inject that. Everything I've read says injectible dbol is dirty, dirty stuff and even if you don't get an infection the injection is very painful. Just drink it.

I would also space it out throughout the day, every 3-4 hours. 10 when you wake up, 10 a few hours later, 20 before you lift and 10 before bed, or something like that. 50 before a workout is going to give you nasty back pumps and I think you'll see better gains in strength/size if you space it out.


What contest will you be doing?

Check your inbox.


Thanks for that, luckily I'm able to "return" my Dbol depot, so I can make the switch back to oral.

Also thanks for the PCT info, so much info about PCT floating around on the web is ambiguous and contradictory. TY for the clarification.


Hit you back, thanks for the advice!


If you dont want to wait, you can just drink the liquid dbol, its the same shit.


PAintrain-- I will be watching your log! Stoked for you mate. And that was the best "first cycle" post ever.


@ Overstand: I didn't know that, but I got the oral no, so its all good.

@ Aragorn: Thanks alot man! I've been lurking for years and I've seen which proposals get thoughtful recommendations, and which get the collective "GTFO" replies. :slight_smile:

Going to train now, take pictures after. Picked up the ADEX today, so I'm officially ready. I will begin my cycle on Thursday. Stoked!


Thats a lot for a first cycle.

If you want 2 additional spots, then ventrogluteals are good. I have never had pain issues with quads.

I also hit my left tricep last night and it was painless. It wasn't with prop though.

I have hit delts, ventrogluteals, and quads with prop, and its not terrible, at least the stuff I had wasn't bad at all.


Yeah I know it's a bit aggressive, but luckily I'm training with 2 very experienced bodybuilders who will be able to offer advice should I experience anything unexpected.

As for the injection sites, I may have to add more than planned due to pinning ED. I'll be using the spotinjection .com guide for both my site planning and injection protocol.

Thanks for the advice,


Good job. You seem to have researched well.

Anything bromo on hand in case you need it with the tren?