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1st Cycle Progress

I started the first two weeks with a bottle of T400 I had acquired and have started the Sus250 that I have.

I could definitely feel the prop kicking in from the Sus last week and didn’t quite feel like that from the T400 (I think I felt it but might have been just placebo affect). The only question I have is I’m not sure if the T400 is bogus and I only have enough sus right now to run 5 weeks. I wanted to finish out 8 total weeks using the T400 in the last week.

If it is bogus though how bad will it be if I start PCT 3 weeks (that would be the actuality of it if the T400 is bogus in the last week) after I finish my cycle. Or should I start 1 week after (even though it is against PCT doctrine) with the Nolvadex and how much will it affect me either way?

piece of advice - look through the SUCCESSFUL (i.e. the ones taken seriously) previous threads and see what the op wrote and mimic that, because your post was complete shit.

In order for PCT to be effective you should account for the halflife of the longest ester in the testosterone blends you are using and wait until their levels are low enough to no longer be suppressive or until the end of the compound’s active life is reached. This is important so that the HPTA is not still being suppressed by exogenous hormones.