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1st Cycle--Please HELP!!

I have access to Deca, Sustanon, Andriol [Testosterone Undecanoate] and Nolvadex. I was hoping that some of you fellows out there could help me devise a good and effective cycle out of these 3 compounds. Will the Nolvadex ensure that I won’t get gyno?
I was thinking of doing 2 sustanon 250 shots/week, along with 400 mg of Deca, with a reasonnable amount of Nolvadex to ensure that no side effects occur. After the 3 week cycle, I was planning on doing the Andriol, as it is fairly mild, and shall ensure that my system doesn’t crash.
All help shall be greatly apprecaited!!

P.S.–I weigh 200 lbs at a height of 6’1, and a bodyfat % of 8.

I wouldn’t use the Andriol at all. Both Sust and Deca are long acting drugs. They will gradually taper out and not shock your system. Instead take 50mg of clomid per day during the last week and 100mg per day during your first off week.

Nolvadex will not insure you do not get gyno because at
400mg per week of Deca, you might get progestenic gyno.
Since you have not written what your goals are, constructing
a cycle for you is meaningless.


Thanks for the quick reply’s! Brock–my goal is to put on between 8-10lbs after 3-4 weeks. Do you think this is feasible? Should I just use the Clomid? Will that ensure that I won’t get gyno?

Brock, you got me worried dude. Isn’t the recommended dose of N-17E gonna be equivalent to 400mg per week of Deca? Can we expect some gyno issues here? What could we do to minimize this possibility?

One more question… That new dosing scheme for androsol… How does it compare in terms of overall gains? And how would N-17E be stacked with this new dosing schedule?