1st Cycle Please Help

  1. Hi, I want to gain, and I need someone with experience to tell me if this is ok to do for my first cycle. It was recommended to me by a bodybuilder pro, I have read a lot about this and I haven’t found much on sustabolic 350 by nitro and this kind of 8 week pyramid cycle. Therefor I want opinions and comments before I go for it.
    Age: 30
    Training History: 1 year straight (trained before on and off)
    Lifting Stats: Bench Press 160, Shoulder Press 120, over the past year I doubled my strength
    Previous Cycle History: None
    Reason for use: Gain

Nitro Sustabolic 350 (Propionate 50mg phenylpropionate 100mg isocaproate 100mg decanoate 100mg)and Deca 300 injected twice a week for 8 weeks
Pyramid .5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 .5
(I know many don’t like pyramids but this is what was recommended for me by a bodybuilder pro/ gym owner)
Post Cycle
Tamoxifen twice a day for 2 weeks
I’ll diet properly as well, lift hard and sleep at least 8 hours daily. I just want to know if what was recommended is any good. Please help, Thanks.

Some people may feel differently, but I feel gear should be used as a last resort when your gains have started to plateau and your true genetic potential has been reached. If you’re strength truly has doubled in the last year then you need to continue without the use of AAS. Having a 160lb bench press is rather pitiful in my opinion (trying to be realistic not trying to be rude). It means you really havent come very far and youre already looking for the quick way out. In addition to that, if you truly have trained HARD for a full 12 months and your bench is only at 160 that means your training is horrendous. You speak of dieting well, lifting hard, and resting sufficiently, but I can tell just by looking at your post you have not even begun to train hard or diet properly.

My advice: you arent ready. you havent trained hard at all. i understand the desire, but you have to put in your time before considering using these compounds. they are extremely powerful drugs, but if you try using them now… I see you gaining minimal results while on and losing most everything post cycle. This is being extremely realistic. I am not exaggerating anything in order to steer you away from gear. You just arent ready. End of story.


I completely agree with BMC. Great advice and given very politely. You are not ready for steroids yet. You may think that you are doing incredibly well but everyone thinks that until they’ve reached a whole new level and realized how little they actually knew about what they were doing. You’ll look back a few years from now, seasoned with experience and knowledge (and hopefully a great physique, although undoubtedly a much better one) and know without advice whether or not you are actually ready. I do not mean this as an insult by any means; it’s just sincere advice. In addition, you seem to not know much about cycling at the moment, as there are a few things wrong with your proposal. I sincerely and with good intentions recommend you do not cycle right now. But, if you absolutely feel you must, let us know and we will help you out with planning your cycle. What say you?

I guess both of you are right. That’s what I’m looking for, honest comments. I do need to work on my diet. I diet on and off right now. I also think 160 is pitiful. I’ll consider waiting for at least one more year, but do let me know what’s wrong with the cycle, since I do want to learn more about this even if I don’t do it right now. Thanks

Off the top of my head, check the injection frequency recommended for a compound like that, do further research on the opinions of pyramiding, no AI?, deca on first cycle?, dosing for test?, look up dosing for tamox and how long a proper PCT should be ran, and I assure you you need to further look into proper training programs and proper eating (can never learn enough about that ;)).

I haven’t given you straight answers because, like almost all matters on anabolics, most are opinions. In addition, I feel it would benefit you to do broad research on these subjects rather than receive a paragraph detailing exactly what you should do, because this knowledge could save your life or protect you from ruining it down the road. Some time later, feel free to throw up your new proposal with more confidence and we’ll be happy to double check it for you and you can run the sucker full-out and safely.

I thought this was a joke post at first. Props for not being rude lol. 100% keep workin at it.