1st Cycle. PCT Questions, Advice?

Hi all,

I’m planning my first bulking cycle which will start in a couple of months (after I’m done with the cut). I’m really confused as to what the best way to do PCT is partly because there’s mixed information online and partly because I don’t have access to some drugs (mainly talking about aromasin). I had a teenage gyno that I got rid off with surgery and this is the reason I’m most worried about estrogen management.

I’m planning to do a testosterone E only cycle for 12 to 14 weeks. I’ll throw in 0.25 to 0.5 arimidex EOD. I have access to nolva, clomid and HCG but no aromasin. I know that nolva and adex should not be used together as they counteract each other. What is my alternative?

Also should I inject small doses of HCG during the cycle to keep the testes active?

How much test/week? You may not even need any E2 control.

read this:

PhysioLojik is our resident competitive BB’er and Endocrinologist. Read his posts. People are are overusing AI and crashing their E2 when there are tons of benefits of E2 as long as Test levels are high too.

You don’t need aromasin if you have arimidex. Frankly neither one may be necessary for you. Because you have existing gyno issues you may need to run something like Nolva on cycle—at low doses and not ed—to keep you from having a flare up. Your situation is a little different than the normal guy simply because you have a history of gyno and your body’s threshold for when it starts is likely wildly different than the next guy’s.

Your pct should be a very simply run of Nolva for four weeks, dosed at 40/40/20/20. In regards to the HCG, that’s a personal choice. I use it as part of my trt protocol. Some guys run it throughout a cycle. Some run it right before pct. Some don’t use it at all. That’s entirely up to you.

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Thanks for replying so quickly. I’m sorry I missed the dosage. My plan is to do a 250mg shot every 4th day, which comes out to about ~580mg per week.

I will read the linked thread now. Thanks.

I’m still very unsure about what to do. There’s conflicting opinion everywhere.

Would running nolva during cycle by sufficient to keep gyno away? What should I do if I experience any gyno symptoms?

Should I instead run low doses of adex during cycle/pct and have my pct consist of HCG and clomid?

I will have regular blood work done before/during/after to monitor my health and adjust things if need be but as I’ve said my main concern is gyno. I would like to approach this cycle by being sure I’m not gonna have a flare up and in the unlikely scenario that I do, I am ready to fix it.

What was the surgical fix for your puberty related gyno. Were the glands removed because if they were then I didn’t think you were susceptible to gyno any longer.

No. If you’re going to run hCg during pct then you’re not really running a pct. The whole point of it is to not have any exogenous testosterone interfering with your natural production. HCG will absolutely be suppressive. I wrote up that whole thing, including the three ways that HCG is used, and you picked the fourth way that wasn’t even an option.

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I believe your math is off; every 4th day should be 437.5 mg/week. Every 3rd day would be 583.3. I find it easiest to just pin on two consistent days per week (Sunday AM, Wednesday PM), but whatever works for you.

@Veteq, you are right. That’s what I meant. Sunday AM & Wednesday PM sounds simpler tho.

@iron_yuppie I thought HCG was an integral part of PCT. I’m confused because you say to run nolva instead of adex during cycle for gyno management. Aren’t they two different things? Isn’t an AI more way more effective in preventing gyno (by lowering estrogen) compared to a SARM.

On that note would forgetting about nolvadex work? Can I just use clomid (again with low dose AI) for PCT?

HCg is suppressive. You cannot use it during pct of the goal is to restart your natural production.

I suggested Nolva during your cycle because you have a history of gyno. Because Nolva is a SERM it works to specifically block estrogen receptors in breast tissue. You are correct that it does not act like an AI. But for your particular case you may get gyno symptoms even if you keep your e2 low, so the Nolva would work as a failsafe against that. You could very possibly run your cycle with a normal AI dose and never need anything else. But have Nolva (or Ralox) on hand if you get a gyno flare up.

Would nolva reverse gyno or prevent it from getting bigger?

Could I run low doses of both nolva and arimidex during my cycle just to be on the safe side?

Ralox has a reputation for being better for that. But Nolva should be enough. It won’t go away overnight.

Sadly I don’t have access to Ralox either.

Week 1-12 - Test Enanthate 500mg/wk
Week 1-14 - HCG 500iu EOD?
Week 3-14 - Nolva 10mg/day (EOD?)
Week 14-16 Nolva 40mg/day
Week 16-20 Nolva 20mg/day

How does that look? How do I add an AI? Again gyno is a concern but I’m also worried about the other side effects of higher estrogen.

You add it in small doses when you start to experience symptoms. So if you are having high e2 issues then you simply take (ex.) .25mg adex twice a week and then after some time you assess if that’s working.