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1st Cycle -- Opinions?

was going to start my first cycle here pretty soon. just wanted to get some feed back from the members here as i have seen some good responses that have helped me in the past. this is my first cycle. im 6’4 210 BF% around 13% 30 years old…diet is pretty on point…5-6 meals chicken,fish,egg whites. not alot of protein drinks maybe one every other day. dont cheat too often meal wise. once a week super burrito wheat tortilla double chicken no rice,sour cream or cheese with black beans.

my goal is to gain some muscle, get bigger. id like to keep my bf% down as much as possible. been lifting now for about 8 years or so. played college and minor league baseball. heres what i was thinking all opinions welcomed:

week 1-4 test e 400 mg/week
week 1-4 test p 50mg mon,wed,fri
week 1-9 deca 250mg/week

week 4-12 500mg test e per week

pct i have tamoxifen and clomid

dont mind if i dont do deca for this first one. thought it may help with the slight joint pain i get in my shoulders as well as the pain from the 2 torn labrums.

thoughts please

Both labrums are torn? That’s brutal…

ya it blows!!

Since we’re here, it’s probably not a bad idea to keep an AI on hand.

What’s the labrum damage from?

left arm from hitting and the right from pitching. i did both in college. and ya i was thinking of an AI as well. know i should have one while on JIC