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1st Cycle of Testosterone

Hey, im 25, 5’11" 193lbs right now. Been training for around 5 years, lots of other physical activities as well like mountain biking. Body fat is probably a bit high near 20% range i would say.

im going to be using just testosterone for about 8 weeks. 200mg per week. My question is if that will be plenty to see some significant results? I have no plans of competition so i figured a light cycle like this should be sufficient to get the results im looking for. I also have no plans of ever using again just a one time boost i guess you could say.

would pct be necessary or maybe a good idea just incase? Thanks.

This is my 1st post here btw.

Terrible idea. 200mgs a week is going to put you barely above where you are naturally. Might be slighyly higher on Test but not worth the shut down of your natural production. 8 weeks is too short. You are going to be shutting down your natural production and then ending cycle right when your body is trying to find its balance.

Anything you gain from this cycle will be lost. You are going to screw yourself in the long run.

Go do some more research. You should already know the answer about PCT before even considering. Questions you could be asking are PCT protocols? Different compounds or drugs for PCT. All the questions you have asked could be answered right here on these forums.



As stated above, absolutely pointless. Theres a point where being cautious is counterproductive to progress. If you plan to run a cycle, by all means be cautious by not using more then one drug etc but run a normal cycle, you’ll thank yourself when you see the progress.

Also I might add, the ‘only using one time’ is bs, that never happens :grin: