1st Cycle of Dbol at 19

Hey everyone, I’m new to this site and I’m really looking forward to being on here more, learning more and also helping others out.

I have a few questions regarding (Oral Dbol). I currently have enough dbol for a 4-6 week cycle and I want to use it as a jumpstart into a (Test 250) cycle.

The thing is I’m really wondering as to when I should take it? (Which I do before my workout) currently. Also, how do you think it would benefit me best?

I do also want you all to know I am running the Oral Dbol currently with some (Liver Support, Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Testosterone Booster and a Multi-Vitamin.

Currently I’m on a diet plan as well eating plenty of great healthy food.

Anyone who has some knowledge to share or recommend anything please feel free to comment below!


My troll detector is beeping off the CHARTS!!! (username- timbo slice----Kimbo Slice… Kimbo Slice died at 42 btw… from heart failure…)

Secondly you’re about to get flamed by others, massively, be prepared for a huge flamage, and it’s a deserved flamage, these are serious drugs that can have serious consequences if the user doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Then there’s you’re profile pic, you look lean and wirey, kind of like a boxer, you don’t need anabolic steroids to bulk up (unless you have hypogonadism), you need a good work ethic, training program and diet.

Lol I could care less about the hate, I’m here for the knowledge man. I appreciate your response tho!

Dianabol is a synthetic hormone similar to testosterone. Because of that, it stays in the system longer to do the things anabolic hormones do. Being a steroid hormone, it is slow acting, long lasting. The dianabol you take prior to your workout is not in your system for about ten days.

At age 19, I think it would benefit you best to seriously train for several more years and also let your natural endocrine system get established. If you start messing with your hormones this young, you will be doing this the rest of your life.

You will likely get more responses in the Pharma section.

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Please listen to this.


Sounds like a very bad idea starting any aas so young, how long have you been training what’s your stats?

I weight 165.
Bench 235
Squat 315
Deadlift 405

Anyhow, I appreciate all of your responses. I just didn’t know if it was something I could do to jumpstart some strength and gains for myself because I’ve been training all natural for about 2 years now. Mostly just staying lean, healthy and keeping my cardio vascular health up. Now I’m really wanting to get into lifting a lot heavier and putting on some muscle mass.

My Meals:


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 packs of oatmeal
  • 3/4 cup of blueberries


  • 11oz of long grain white rice
  • 4 Oz of broccoli
  • 10 Oz of grilled chicken
  • 2 oz of almonds


  • 11oz of long grain white rice
  • 4 Oz of broccoli
  • 10 Oz of grilled chicken
  • 2 oz of almonds

Supplements before workout:

  • 1 scoop of pre workout

Post workout:

  • (Right after my workout) - Dextrose, L-Glutamine, Creatine.

  • (30 mins after workout) - 1 scoop of ON Pro Gainer with Milk.

You’re not getting enough quality protein. You’re not getting a lot of the things you need. Maybe start with that before you add steroids.

You’re drinking a shake that, without milk, is 650 calories with 60g of protein. So 9% of the macros in that shake are protein. In 4oz of cooked beef you’ll have ~285cal and between 29-36g of protein. So you’re getting more bang for your buck with simple things like beef and eggs than you’ll get from that milkshake. You’re eating almost 3.5c of rice a day. That’s a lot of rice, man. Like, a fucking lot. That plus oatmeal plus that milkshake have to put your total carb intake pretty high, no? (I’ll answer for you: it is) You’re at ~285g of carbs a day. That’s a lot for a guy your size. Unless you’re a high level athlete (you aren’t) there’s no reason you should be eating that many carbs. Your diet is the problem. You don’t need steroids, you need better meal plans.

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Personally I think you would be better off upping your calories and changing to a strength focused program and waiting until you are a bit older to smash the dbols

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One of the things you said you did to stay healthy was keeping “lean” and doing cardio. You gotta eat more stuff man. Thats why you cant put on more muscle or strength. I shouldn’t be answering because I dont know shit about Dbol, but I seems to me that you can fix your problem by just eating more.

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Alright man, I appreciate the advice. I’ll finish off this current meal plan then cut out the protein powder and replace with quality meals. Also, lower my carb intake as well and see how that helps me out. I feel as though I’m getting enough nutrients (too much) id say, but I still feel powerful in the gym as far as strength.

First… I agree with the advice given by others. Your lifts are good for your BW, you should be proud and continue to work on those PRs.

Second… I will answer your question in case you disregard advice. Dbol has a short half life and is usually taken min twice per day, somewhere around 30-40mg total for a newbie. Oral only cycle are typically frowned upon and you can just google it for the plethora of reasons.

Dont do it buddy, I took dbol at 18 and I’m on TRT now at 28, Low test was 100% caused by cycling too early


There’s a lot of cheaper and healthier ways to get your gains up. GOMAD works for a lot of people. More good food. It’s always a calorie balance. At the end of the day, if you’re not eating enough, it doesn’t matter how much of what you’re taking. You will not gain without eating to support it.


285gs of carbs is nothing for an active 19 year old. that only equates to around 1400 calories of carbs, and they are good quality ones at that. I’d be telling him to eat more food.


Yeah man I eat clean and well but I’ll just try to eat more. Usually everyday I go out and eat something similar to my diet that is good, usually Asian food or something in the criteria of that.

I really just think consistency will do its justice, as I can already say my strength is going up slowly along with size. I really just wanted to do dbol to jumpstart things and see how it went.

Yeah man, and that’s exactly how I feel. My workouts are heavy weightlifting at a good pace so I usually burn about 600-800 calories a workout. Which is why I’d say eating more will do well. I’ll give it a shot with staying consistent in the gym :fist_left:t2:

Expensive milkshakes usually aren’t the ideal food, but that’s just my opinion. Get off my lawn you goddamn kids.

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Idk when I was very lean and wiry/thin and started bodybuilding and I drank those high caloric shakes I put on 30-40lbs in the first year and I’m sure AT LEAST 1/3rd of it was muscle.

I appreciate everyone taking their time to respond on my topic.