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1st Cycle of 5/3/1 - 95% Week Rep Maxes

I just completed my first cycle of the 5/3/1 program. My starting maxes were:
Back Squat 455
Bench Press 365
Deadlift 550
Axe Press 223

Here is a link to starting maxes video:

After first cycle finished with
Back Squat 390x3
Bench Press 315x4
Deadlift 475x5
Axe Press 188x6

Happy with axe press, my overhead pressing and jerking are improving nicely. I was hoping for 5 or 6 my bench press, but that will come. Deadlift is slowly starting to creep back up, as I continue to lose weight my form will improve and it should rise. Very disappointed with back squat though. Will work much harder on the getting the sqaut up.

I should mention that I’ve lost 10 pounds during this first cycle also.

nice work, what are you training for?

How are you going about the weight loss while keeping strength up?

Right now I’m not really training for anything in particular. I do want to compete in a powerlifting, strongman, and olympic lifting meet by the end of the year. I like having well-rounded strength. When I get the bodyweight down I would also love to run in a 5K race sometime this year too!

As for keeping my strength up while trying to get bodyweight down, I’m doing mild treadmill work 3 days a week, cleaning up diet, and have been sober for 37 days now. I am posting my training in the training log forums.