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1st Cycle Not What I Expected


I just finished my 4th week of my first cycle 100mg of prop eod and 200mg of enan every 4 days (frontloaded the enan for 800 mg first week). Now I'm going 500mg of enan only for around 6 more weeks. I've been takeing arimidex .5mg eod and 250 iu of hcg every saturday and sunday.

Stats: age 41 training naturally for 25 years. competed naturally at much lighter weights in both powerlifting and bodybuilding with fair success at the later. Test levels were in the mid 200's prior to cycle. 5-10 220 pounds before cycle.

Results: I'm getting stronger than hell in all lifts. I've gotten leaner around my midsection. I've gained around 10 pounds. The odd thing is my body parts that were least developed (bicepts, legs,back) seem to be responding pretty well but my best body parts (shoulders, tricepts, chest) seem to not have changed at all. since they were good before I expected them to become enormous but nothing much so far.

Side effects: I'm horny as hell. My forehead always feels like a grease pit but no acne yet. My lower back has been growin fast and it's so tight I can barely drive in a car with out haveing to get out to walk around every 15 minutes. My nuts seem to be getting a little smaller.

Shouldn't I be seeing more at this point? I'm kind of disappointed in the progress. Is progress in bad body parts but no progress in my best body parts normal? Any tips on how I can eat more? I'm trying to eat a protein meal every 3 hours but it's tough especially if I try to drink my normal amounts of water.


sounds like we are in the same boat.

i too am on my first cycle, and am coming up on the fourth week (friday with be exactly 4 weeks)

ive noticed no changes except labido, appetite increase, boners, and insomnia.

id be interested to hear how your cycle is performing in 4 more weeks.

as to food intake.

pre-prep your meals.
invest in tupperware.
meat slicers rule..slice up the meats.
brown rice (short grain) is your friend
i use designer protein
pre and post workout shakes

if youve been training for 25 years, then this you all know already.

90% diet..always.



Sounds to me like your making awesome gains with really good body recomp (lowering bf while gaining 10lbs!!) Just think that you still have six weeks to gain a bit more and solidify what you have gotten already. Not sure what to say about you not getting gains where you want them... considering your training is in check. Maybe try throwing in some extra work if possible. Goodluck!


Snythetic, what are you takeing?

It's funny you mentioned trouble sleeping. When I was in my early 30's I used to only sleep 4-5 hours a night and I worked huge hours 7 days a week. Now as I've gotten older it seems like I need so much more sleep but have trouble actually getting to sleep. I assumed that with my test level getting back up I wouldn't need so much sleep. In actuality what I've found the cycle has done for me is I'm going to sleep easier and sleeping a good 8 hours most nights.

The labido is killing me. I think about blowin a nut all day long. This came on like a fright train just a little over a week ago. See my post under the "sex and the male animal" forum. I don't know how people can deal with this kind of sex drive. I didn't think this much about sex when I was 17. If this gets any worse I'm gonna jerk off twice each morning before leaving the house just as a preventative measure to keep me from doing something stupid.

Is your strength blowing up even though you haven't gained much size? I can not figure out how I can lift so much more with out added mass, it is strange.


Well, I am a younger guy so I can't comment on the effects of steroids in your age class. But I think you are getting everything that you should. You feel good, have lost some fat, gained some muscle, and your libido is up. That is a mild dose of test, and I think that is good. No need to go gonzo if you don't need to. Of course you aren't getting dramatic results because the dose is mild. So keep up the what you are doing. Just to put things in perspective on the "mild" comment. (And I don't know how much you read posts around here, or how many users you know.) But most guys my age would run 1000mg-2000mg per week if running a test-only cycle. You are running half to a fourth of that. So you are getting good benefits with mild sides.


What's your diet look like?

The first thing that stands out to me is not enough food. Everything else sounds like your getting on point, so let us know.



I'm at about 1000mg Test & 500+mg of boldenone (equipoise)

the test is a mixture of T400, Sust, and Cyp..all from mexico. although i question the quality/potency of the sust and cyp.

ive had no increases anywhere that are worth mentioning.

as to your strength increase.. i can only imagine that the test has increased your nitrogen storage and glucogensis...which i think is the whole point anyway. -- Being that this is my first cycle, i am by no means an expert on juice or results.. but im reading everything i can get my hands on.

im in agreement with the post RE your diet.. post it.. lets take a look



I don't keep track of the amounts but I am eating 6-8 protein meals a day usually spread out to every 2 or 3 hours. Eggs once or twice the rest red meat and white meat. I don't really supplement with shakes or drinks since in the past I've noticed my body responds more to actual food than protein drinks. I am not lean and am not looking to get lean so I pay no attention to caloriess, fat, carbs. If they are attached to my protein I gladly eat them. I don't eat low value foods (sodas, snack foods, deserts) simply because I know they'll interfere with my ability to eat my next scheduled portion of meat.

I don't even want to guess my cholesterol. It's been borderline high in the past and now with gear and this kind of eating and doing zero cardio it's gonna look bad but it's only for a short time hopefully. I honestly think if I could eat more I'd grow more. I just don't know how some guys claim to be eating over 400grams a day of protein. It doesn't seem possible.


synthmagic, Thats a hell of alot of juice for a first cycle. You should look like a beast by the end of that one.


Do yourself a favor, keep a food log for 4 or 5 days, and then post it on here. I remember how I thought I was eating alot, then the first time I did mag10 I tried a food log and realized how little I was eating.

Also, I know what your saying about the shakes and bars, but I would say you need at least 1 big shake per day. It will not fill you up like a big meal, allowing you to eat more at other times. I would also start worrying about your calorie and carb intake, as they are directly related to how fast you can grow while "on".



This may sound stupid, but it's just a thought. Scs- You said you've been training naturally for 25 years. You said you were 5 10 220, if you are lean then you have a solid base of muscle. A lot of times when you hear people gaining 20+ pounds on a cycle it is people that have only been training for less than 5 years a lot of times. You have put your time in the gym and are probably a lot closer to that so called "genetic limit" than most of the other younger guys that haven't been training as long as you. But then again if your test levels were in the 200s pre-cycle, then you should be blowing up now that you're on.


I do feel like I was pretty close to my genetic limit as far as strength and size (certainly not leanness) that was the reason I finally took the leap to juice (that and low test levels and joints that just can't keep going at this intensity level much longer naturally).

I am going to food log for a few days and bring it back to you guys.


Syn, I'm doing a very similiar cycle as you know (enanthate/eq 800/800mgs a week) and I'm seeing incredible results. This is by no means my first cycle and I'm taking leaps and bounds with this one. How does your diet look? I'm trying to bulk right now so I'm just eating whatever i can get my hands on. I know most guys would disagree with this one but...nights that i work late I'll come home at around 11 and down 4 or 5 mcdonalds cheeseburgers then have a protein shake. I'll wake up a few pounds heavier just from that....just throwing in my 2 cents here.


yeah ive seen squat.

ive been loose on my diet..but my version of loose is rather tight.

i feed all day long. steaks, chicken, fish. brown rice.

i do question the quality/potency of the sust & cyp i have. they are SYD Group and Tornel.

i notice a large kick when i pin T400, but again, no gains that are outside of my natural ones.



scs -

with respect to protein shakes, i consider them a very important piece to the growth puzzle.

ive taken in 300 350 and 400 grams of protein in a day...but it takes shakes, milk, and lots of decipline.

remember, carbs are protein sparers. I continually relax on my diet when it comes to carbs..all too often.

ive got a general rule:

If you have the hate, then you're growing. (if you're farting, your growing) [excess protein in bowels]



i wasnt in bad shape to begin with.. (see avatar) but id like to be a lean 230..at 5-9..5-10..that'd be beefy. :slightly_smiling:



My main man Johnny! That's what I'm talking bout!



Monopoly and Johnny both gave decent advice a food lod will help take ANY question out of your diet being the issue. SO unless you're 100% sure your diet it "dialed in" then you should keep one for aleast a week or so. As for the Micky D's, even though Majic hight hate me saying it I kinda agree. It's only for a few weeks, and you're not runnning any gear that is REALLY harsh on you lipids.

BTW 10 lbs in 4 weeks after training as long as you have AND weighing what you do at your height is REAL GOOD! If you gain another 10 I'd be real friggin happy, even another 5 lbs would be great.

As for Majic's gains (or lack there of) ??? Do me a favor an pm me bro.





10 pounds up with decreased bf and increased strength in only 4-5 weeks is pretty damn impressive gains! especially when you consider that you are already advanced in terms of training age, body comp, strength and ah-hem...age.

give it time....the enan should be kicking in about now.