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1st Cycle Nolvadex Usage

First Cycle
Testosterone Enanthate, 500mg/week/10 weeks
HCG weekend protocal, after third week of test injections, plan to use one 250-500iu injection per week until the last shot of test is given.
My only question is:
I’m not sure exactly how much Nolva to get. For PCT, I plan to wait about two weeks after my last test injection and then use 40mg/day nolvadex for two weeks, followed up by two weeks of 20mg/day. During the cycle is my big question, should I stay on nolva the whole time or use only as needed? I figured to use it as needed, using 40mg/day if any itching in the nipples occurs, and then tapering off to about 20mg/day. But how long should I run nolva during cycle, and will it effect my PCT usage? I’d appreciate some help on this.

I recomend getting femara for your on cycle needs. limiting the amount of estrogen that lingers in you body will improve the speed of your post cycle recovery. Estrogen hangs around in the body for much longer than testoterone, and it will suppress your production of LH by binding with receptors in the htpa. Nolva is used to offset this and speed recovery, but it too is a weak estrogen. By using the aromatase inhibitor while on cycle, you will reduce your need for nolva post cycle.
good luck.