1st Cycle, Meal Ideas?

So for my first cycle i have decided to go with test enanthate 250mg per ml and some tamoxifen just incase and if not needed used for pct. I am going light just 250mg a week for 10 weeks to see how i react before going higher in dose. My biggest downfall is nutrition. My problem is I start a diet and dont stick to it because of lack of variety .i tend to prep my meals for the week and it is easier to make big batches of things but it gets old eating the same things over and over . I want to change up my options and would love some meal ideas. What’s best to go with while on a cycle and how much should I be eating I cant seem to stick to counting macros all the time

I hate counting macros. I’d probably lose my mind if I had to meal prep and keep track of shit like that. Idk if it will help you but what I do is stick to certain rules when I’m trying to cut. Like nothing white and no pasta. Limited fatty meats and a lot of complex carbs especially Oats. I also pay attention to mindless eating or those ghost calories from shit like cream in coffee or dipping sauces.

If I’m bulking I usually keep it somewhat similar but add in all types of meat like beef and steak when normally I wouldn’t and add white rice and add in a couple extra snacks a day. Il also allow for more cheat meals when eating at restaurants il order whatever I want rather than the chicken and veggie dish or salmon dish.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are confident in your training and have a general understanding of what your maintenance calories are and how many calories etc are usually found in various different food groups.

I never meal prep and love counting calories/macros. If I know how many calories I’m burning and how many calories I’m eating I know which direction I’m going before I step on a scale and can pretty accurately judge how my weight loss or gain will progress over time. I do this on or off cycle.

I can’t recommend meals as I don’t know your tastes, potential allergies or your goals. :man_shrugging:t6:

That was very helpful thanks I’m going to try to cut down the coffee in general . my usual diet meals are spinach salads with artificial crab or chicken tenderloins or a cup of rice with chopped onion bell pepper with chicken tenderloin or ground beef