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1st Cycle Look OK?


Hey im sure your all sick of giving advice on 1st cycles but thought i would just quickly run it by you guys.

Looking at 500mg (2x250mg)Test Enanthate a week for 10 weeks. Nolvadex on hand and if no issues throughout then introduce towards end of the cycle only. Also Clomid for PCT.

Few questions. Thanks in advance for any help.

-I know a percentage of gains on test enth. will be from water and fat so am thinking about introducing some equipose throughout to harden up the gains a bit. Is this the best option for hardening up gains or have you guys had better results with other steroids?

-Im waiting about the equipose as being my 1st cycle not sure how much the test enth. etc is going to cost me. Anyone have any idea? im in Australia.

-I was not going to taper just go 'cold turkey' and start PCT a cpl weeks after, best method ive read, sound alright?

-And lastly, I know it depends on the individual but any idea what type/amount of gains im looking at here? as the stuff i have read varies.

For the record im 5,10 about 85.5kg (188 pounds). Fairly lean. Been training about 5-6years naturally and hoping for about 10kg (22 pound) gain, i know ill lose some post-cycle so hope to overshoot my goal a bit.

Cheers guys.


This looks like a tradtional cycle. You'll gain great for the 1st 6 weeks and then gains may taper off.

You could run this in 4 week blocks. 4 weeks on, 4 off and repeat 3 X. You may experience less severe shut down. Just run the TE ED at 100 mgs and the Nolva for 4 weeks.

With regards to your PCT, I would start the Nolva the last week of your long cycle and run it for 4 to 6 weeks. You want you natural test levels to be as high as possible to keep your gains.




Ok thanks for the reply. If you run if blocks as such then when do you implement PCT at the very end of the cycle?


don't run enanthate in "blocks" of 4 on, 4 off. Just run a traditional test cycle of 10-12 weeks like you had initially proposed and you'll do just fine.

4 on, 4 off is only suited to short esters like prop and ace.

with enan, if you go 4 weeks on and then 4 off...you never reap the full benefits of the longer ester...and also never fully come off....a total fucking waste of time.


Alright thanks for the replies guys. Any suggestion about introducing something to harden up the gains towards the end of the cycle? or if i watch salt intake etc will water retention not be that huge?


Yes you can run long esters in a 4 week cycle, but you would need to do every day injects. If youre between 218-240 about 125 mgs a day do the last one about day 22 or so and start your Nolva the same time. After 30 days repeat.

I ran Test Cyp at 300 MG EOD for 4 weeks and had some nice gains. As was mentioned, you can also use short esters as well. Contrary to some opinions, the test ester, whether long or short starts to work in 24 hours or so. It will be more noticeable w/ Prop due to the shorter ester.

The theory w/ shorter cycles is that the HPTA is less impacted by shorter cycles and better recovery. You probably won't "blow up" but you might add some nice gains that will be easier kept in the 30 day window. Good luck.......


using long esters in short cycles totally defeats the purpose of running a shorty! I'm sorry, but your reasoning on this is out to lunch IMO.

if you go 4 on and 4 off with an ester like cyp or enan...you never really reap the full benefits of the longer ester (enan and cyp usually don't "kick in" for several weeks....and yes, they do start working immediately, but its pretty common knowledge that there is a point in time where the light switch goes on, and an increase in gains is noted).

.... and as for your "off" periods.....well, lets just say you never come off during that time due to half life.....you continue to be supressed while the longer ester tapers out...and when you are just approaching the proper time to begin your PCT...you jump right back on... so, you see, you never recover until your little mini series of blast and cruise type cycles ends.

an extremely flawed approach to cycling, UNLESS you are an hrt guy looking for more....or planning to stay on for life....or very long term.

basically, you are preaching a condensed blast and cruise approach....which is for older guys, or lifers.....not a newbie.


i dont know if im the only one thinking if you are taking 500mg of test you should be taking nolva AND have adex on hand.. maybe just take the adex? I would definatly figure this issue out before starting.


I am getting nolva and was not getting adex purely because of the cost of it. Ive heard that nolva and clomid for PCT will be more than sufficient to combat any sides.