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1st Cycle - Leap of Faith


Thanks to all the vets for the information in this forum [and apologies in advance for being "that newb" on his first cycle... this is important enough to me to need to get all your advices], ive been doing alot of research and information gathering and have managed to pinpoint a reliable ancillary source but i just want to double check and confirm dosages etc for a first time user, heres some basic info:

6 foot 2, 260lb, been training for about 8 years. Im 27 years old and have proper plateau'd since March. I've trained naturally up until now and i'm happy with my lifts, i can double 330lb on bench and pull almost 600 and ive got a good all round strength base but i dont have the time or energy to make progress.

ive think my test has taken a hit recently (new father, im read this in a medical journal somewhere, old mo'nature fucks ur T to keep u loyal), either that or the new (and more stressful job, also more awesome) is taking its toll.

i train 4 times a week in a powerlift/strongman type fashion, heavy lifts with accessory work that includes the biceps, lats and abs separetely (very 5/3/1 ish i guess).

My ancillary can supply Clomid and Test400, i asked about 250 but its not readily available in this neck of the woods, he uses 400 himself and recommends it...

Based on furiousgeorge's cycle plan im (i think) looking at:

W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg (test400 - 0.63cc)

PCT Option 2 (Test Stasis and Taper) [copy pasted from FuriousGeorge]
W 10-12 Off (if your cycle was enth 2 weeks is enough to drop down to normal levels)
W 13-14 Test Enth 40mg E3D (stasis portion to mimic normal hormone levels)
W 15-16 Test Enth 30mg E3D (taper portion)
W 17-18 Test Enth 20mg E3D
W 19-20 Test Enth 10mg E3D

i took the adex out as i read that test400 suppress E enough to not need it? I know Test400 can be painful (very) if not administered with TLC but i want to try it anyway.

I chose PCT op2 instead of the simpler clomid because i wanna keep the number of different chemical compounds to a minimum on my first cycle, this way im using the same chems in varying dosages.

What im confused about is the frequency of injections etc and any advice you have there, in direction relation to my particular case: 250mg of test a week sounds low? other websites have got dudes banging in 500-800mg of test (from test400 so 1.5-2cc) over a week? Im assuming thats for advanced/bigger users, not first time dudes and 250 is enough for a first timer? I guess so now based on that from the PCT i'd assume 40mg is roughly "natural" levels.

My other question is site/frequency. Do i wanna jimmy all the weeks gear into a single site once per week or spread it out, say over 2 or 3 injections in a few spots over the week? i know glutes and quads are popular, prolly gonna use quads myself.

Thanks for your help in this v.v.v.v. serious of matter, look forward to reading your input in the morning



1. Yes 250mg is low enough to nothing; go at least 500mg/wk.

2. Taper is OK but if you crash (which some people do) you would need to run SERM along side. (Read the Tapper thread for more info).

3. No one spot is no good, you have spread it; 1 site per injection/week. So for example; right delt, left delt and right glute and left glute... similar with quads.

4. All of the things you have asked are pretty easily available in this forum, please read the stickies for more info; or just put a question in the search bar and you will most likely have your answer.


What esters and in what amounts make up your t400? You need to know that to decide on injection frequency.

Rotating sites is a good thing, look up the ventro gluteal too, that gives you 4 easy sites to hit.

250mgs a week is low. I would go 500mgs a week minimum. If you are going to shut down your own natural test production you might as well get some good results right?


Thanks for getting back to me. No one has said ought about only using test400 so im assuming thats sufficient in itself, apart from the obvservation about SERM (assuming i might crash etc). ADEX not required then?

thanks again




Thanks for getting back to me. No one has said ought about only using test400 so im assuming thats sufficient in itself, apart from the obvservation about SERM (assuming i might crash etc). ADEX not required then?

thanks again

Well its good have adex in hand for a first time user... if you bloat too much you need ADEX, also the main purpose of adex is that it prevents test to artomize into estrogen. Which means it will keep the estrogen level elevated... so you should have it in hand to either see how you react to it or if you get too bloated...
is it necessary? NO.
some people just use it for a learner look and gains and they dont want to loose whole lot of weight after the cycle during PCT. So its your choice, but ultimately its you who have to see whats good for you and not since its your body and you will know better that how are you reacting to it...
Also the above guy is right as well, what does you T400 contains ester wise? that is a important one as well...


bump to 500mg


I would never do a test taper without SERM again, I did it once and crashed, but taper and SERM is a great PCT especially if you are a 'PCT crash and burner'.