1st Cycle, Infected at Second Shot. Help

Didn’t go ahead Didn’t go ahead Didn’t go ahead Didn’t go ahead

I would not worry. Only get worried if that red starts to turn into a streak that runs upwards towards the heart. That is the sign of infection. Along with fevers, puss, smell. Looks like a localized reaction.

My second shot, I decided to switch to the left leg. I was nervous as hell. I remember the nurse telling me to go at 90 degree angles all the time. Well I took that as to mean keeping the needle straight up and down. So I shot to the outside of the quad where the needle went to the other bottom half and I injected the Test there. I had this huge lump of Test, the size of a golf ball right under the skin. It burned and hurt like a mutha. That lump stayed there for a few days.

I contacted my primary care physician and they said to use warm compresses and massage the Test/knot out of the leg. Take some aspirin/motrin, heat compress, and massage worked.

Dont skip anything. This is nothing major. Dont skip training, dont skip your next shot.

You will know if it is serious by fevers and spreading of the red skin irritation up the leg towards the heart. Also look for puss and smell, maybe a hardness that develops under the shot location.

It could get worse before it gets better. Just look for the key signs.

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